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I am 24 and it is my 1 year anniversary of getting the big H. I think this site is awesome, as I feel this is more of a mental issue than a physical one. My first OB was HORRENDOUS. Yet, it was only a few problem spots, and I am reading about people having a ton of them, so maybe it wasn't as bad? My Dr. gave me vicodin which did absolutely nothing for me. I was screaming in pain for weeks. Ugh, don't even want to think back to that time. I was also given Valtrex originally, which I stopped taking because a side effect is aggression/moodiness.

I have found an approach that has been very much working for me [physically]. I started seeing a homeopathic doctor because I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and I'm bipolar. I went off birth control, off Valtrex, not off my mood stabilizers, and my doctor put me on aurum muriaticum natronatum (I think I spelled that right?). I guess people use it for fertility and emotional problems. Anyway, not only did it help the PCOS, it calmed me down, and overall has made my body more stable and healthy. This has decreased outbreaks significantly. I take olive leaf every day: 1-2 per day with no OB, and about 5 per day with an OB or the onset of one. I take Lysine during an OB or if I feel like I am about to have one. My biggest savior for OBs... TEA TREE OIL. Dab it on outbreaks religiously, and they will go away sooner. It does burn but it's sort of that good type of burn where it's relieving. I keep some in a decorative thing in my bathroom and dab some on without an OB just because I know it is disinfecting and overall helping to prevent one. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I can prevent them from happening when I take a second to not be lazy about it. For cold sores, there is a Lysine lip balm that you just use as much as possible and it helps a ton.
Other things I do to generally take care of myself: drink apple cider vinegar, be religious about vitamins, eat a lot of fruits and veggies, exercise, drink less, drink a lot of tea, lessen your caffeine intake (not ALL caffeinated tea, duh), get more sleep, and try to chill the eff out. As time goes (I know I'm still a newbie at only 1 year) you start to become more and more aware of your body and I know that I have a slight inkling that I am having an OB or a cold sore before anything even shows up. If you feel like it might be about to probably is. Seriously, even a stressful day at work can make you feel like one of those suckers is going to come around soon. And you know what you should do, particularly if you're a moody chick like me? Eat some chocolate and look at pictures of kitties. Figure out what de-stresses you and do it, because stress is the BIGGEST issue with OBs. I'm as high strung as they come, and I can say that this definitely helps. I am a consultant and I will take 5 minutes out of my crazy work day to down a Hershey's bar, eat some froyo, and watch kitten videos. And of course, all the other things I mentioned.

I just know that when I am taking care of myself and being balanced, I am less likely to get OBs. If I do, they are very minor. As I said previously, for me I feel like it is mental rather than physical. Despite all this 'balance yourself' and 'stay calm' stuff I dish out, I know how hard it is to keep it all together. I probably think about it on average 1-2 hours a day and get pretty down about it a lot. I love reading stories about people who have healthy relationships despite this issue, that makes me feel SO much better.

I would also love it if herpes jokes could be banned. You really don't notice just how many jokes it is the butt of until you have it. I mean come on, 25% of the people making the jokes probably have it and don't even know it. Stop it!


Hi, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Simplex 1 and 2 herpes 10 years ago. My first outbreak was incredibly painful and I was admitted to a secluded ward in the hospital for 10 days. I'm sorry to say that I've experienced regular OB's for the last 10 years, however they have only been on my face and not on my genitals. My OB's are still bad and sometimes I have to take up to a week off work to recover. I've read all the tips on here and have tried them all! What I'd like to know is if anyone has a trick to make the scab on the blister go down quicker - as I get them on my face, I'm reluctant to go out of the house until they have gone and this can sometimes take up to two weeks for me.

Having lived with this for 10 years, my only advice to those just diagnosed is that it's not ever as bad as the first time, people are less judgemental than you think once you educate them on how common it is and life goes on! I've found that eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting a good nights sleep as often as possible helps keep it away. Stress is the biggest trigger for my OB's.


I went to am urgent care facility on Saturday because I was experiencing burning and itching in my vaginal area on down to the anal area. I was so uncomfortable that I had to be seen. I had my boyfriend look at my vaginal area and he said it looked like scratches. The urgent care PA diagnosed it as a topical yeast infection and gave me ketonazole and diflucan. This didn't help and it gotten worse. I went to my ob/gyn on Monday and my Dr. Said it looked like herpes. I wanted to cry immediately. I didn't know where it came from. My boyfriend and I are together for 2 years and be said its not him and I know I'm not cheating....I'm trying to understand how could I be misdiagnosed. How could it be a yeast infection turn herpes? I'm devastated. Someone please help me!
I found this website this morning and I thank God for it and everyone who gave advice and remedies. Just today I have tried the Epson salt, carmex, peroxide, lysine (spelling) and will look for the propolis later. I just want to feel better because I am miserable to the point I can't walk. It hurt to urinate, I hope to find out soon what my results are. So I hope the best for everyone.


resveretrol, this stuff really helps, as both a preventative and to help the OB's heal faster


Gerson Therapy is something you can try to prevent future outbreaks and maybe a cure. It immaculately builds and cleanses your body and immune system thus stimulating the healing system of the body. If it can cure cancer just think what else it can do.




I was reading the posts/remedies and decided to share my experience. I've had HSV2 for 11 years, give or take 6 months. I was given the 'gift' by a man I was dating, who did not inform me he had it and then he became difficult to contact. I decided to forget him and concentrate on myself and my new issue. I initially thought I got a severe flu bug; fever, severe body pain - like all over cramping. About 2 days into the 'flu' I noticed a small lesion/sore on one of my labia, it was about the size of half a pencil eraser. I did some research online and made an appointment to see my primary care provider. He said the lesion was not typical of an initial outbreak but he swabbed it and sent swab to lab. He prescribed Valtrex and gave me the keep it clean and dry speech. He called me later to inform me that it was HSV2 and that my first outbreak would be the worst I would have; he had never seen such a mild case.
Something I should add...despite being approximately 28 years old at time of diagnosis, I had and will always have very poor health, compromised immune system, multiple diagnosed medical conditions, operations and approx. 18 daily medications. The Valtrex cleared up the outbreak. Although about a month later I could feel some mild itching at site of previous lesion. (Had a very good friend who had HSV2 as well, he and I talked at great length about HSV, how to tell an outbreak is coming, how to help alleviate future outbreaks' etc...). Took another round of Valtrex and then my doctor put me on a daily suppression dose of Valtrex, this was done so my focus would be on my other more severe conditions.
I have read on this site that people don't like or say Valtrex doesn't work. Since my initial diagnosis 11 years ago I have only had 4 outbreaks and they were in the exact same spot and were less painful and irritating. When I do get an outbreak I increase Valtrex dose, per doctor, then I dab the area with Tea Tree oil, it helps with pain and itching as well helping to dry up the area. It sounds odd but I found that keeping that area free of hair I'm better able to detect an impending outbreak. When I have felt one coming I can normally keep it from forming a lesion, there will be an itchy bump for a couple days, then it goes away. I have found that my outbreaks are tied to severe stress and shock that my body under goes when I have an operation, as well as the hospital withholding Valtrex for a couple days post-op.
I boost my immune system with vitamins and minerals, on top of my medications, as well as eating a good diet with lots of fruits/vegetables, exercising - as my health permits, and getting a good nights sleep.


ive had herpes for a few years now. started out with type 1. did oral on my bf one night and he accused me of giving it to him. i went got tested and didnt have it. he got tested and didnt have it. said it was just a bump. i believed him. so we got back together. he had been cheating and didnt wanna get caught, lied about getting tested. i trusted him too much. so then next thing i know. ive got type 1 and gh. great right? even worse, after a couple months i noticed dry patches of skin on my body that would not hydrate no matter how much lotion i put on it. i went to a doctor to see what i needed to do cuz the dry patches kept getting bigger and worse. bam. eczema. then i started noticing blisters on my fingers. the breakouts dont hurt cuz they are very small, theyre just a pain in the butt. does anyone have any ideas as to how to prevent the eczema and hand blisters? im tired of doctors and their bright ideas... i want to try other options.


Hi there! I'm 19 years old and was infected with GH 3 months ago. During those three months I have had three OB. First one was as painful as many others describe, the second one wasn't bad at all, most likely because I started taking Flamvor (sp) as soon as I sensed an OB coming alone. The third one, however it came so quickly I didn't notice any symptoms, no that's the infection is in full swing I am in more pain then the first out break which I always read rarely happens. The first OB I have maybe one area that was infected - now I have over 3 areas that are infected. I have googled home remedies that mention the use of
Corn stretch in the form of baby powder - which I didn't find worked very week. I am EXTREMELY itchy. Like so itchy it's hard to function with my daily activities. I need help - I need guidance. Please let me know of anything


I have HSV - 1 and have contracted it from the love of my life. He has the oral 'cold sore' and through oral sex, has given me GH. I've been tested over and over but it is the HSV-1 strand. We had been dating for several months and had been very safe when it came to sex. He never told me he had cold sores, so when I had my first outbreak I was horrified. I didn't know where it came from. When I told him he was completely supportive. He then informed me that he had cold sores and never thought anything of it. We have had numerous conversations about this since...
My first outbreak was the most horrific experience. I am a physically active person and my job dictates that I am extremely physical. I had to take valium in order to get through my work day during my first outbreak. I took Acyclovir, took L-Lysine, blew a fan on it (HUGE HELP), and prayed to God that I didn't need to use the bathroom. I cried every time I peed.
I find that a low stress lifestyle, healthy habits, and regularly taking Lysine helps reduce outbreaks. I'm still with my boyfriend and it's been 3 years now. In these three years, I have had 3 maybe 4 outbreaks and am currently experiencing one right now. (Unfortunately my new job is a high stress job and I have experienced multiple deaths in the family in the past month - it doesn't matter how low stress your life is, with a month like this, it's bound to happen.)
I will say, something very interesting about this outbreak - my lower SPINE really started paining me yesterday, to the point where I really needed to watch how I was moving - a very RARE symptom that I never experience regularly. I read that the virus resides in your lower spine and it could be coincidence, or my body just informing me, but this morning - OB. I have swabbed the area with Tea Tree Oil - LOVE THAT! Keep it clean, wear fresh cotton panties and keep it DRY!!
I pray that everyone that goes through this finds peace with themselves. It is something that I still struggle with and am trying to cope with.

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