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I have had herpes for 20 years my cure for the past 6 months I have been using oreganol oil and extra virgen olive oil steps to take 5 drops oreganol oil and teaspoon extra virgen oilve oil, I take it daily. Stay away from chocolate and sugar cause it will cause herpes to come back. Also take myrtle oil 5 drops daily for stress. anxitites, and for depression and for nerves. Hopes this works Herpes.!!!Check all the benefits oreganol oil and check how much doses you need, research everything online.


For those who suffer with Herpes, I have taken Olive Leaf Extract for 2 years and the outbreak never came up til yesterday due to my emotional stressful week. Wanted to share this with you because it did me world of good.

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A believer

I know we hear over and over that there is no cure for herpes but I don't buy it. I hope and pray this helps anyone who is willing to do this simple yet very effective treatment. The healing products (not including food) may cost around $150 to $200 every month for 3 months but when you think about it completely, over every time you had a outbreak, , a a possible cure, it's worth it! PERIOD! First of all, (this is a big one) Do your best to eat very little of acidic forming foods and eat an abundance of alkaline forming foods for 3 months. Green veggies mainly you can google a good alkaline food list or go to this website which I found great which has a host of information about general health:

Get these products for 3 months, CELLFOOD, (use as directed)

L-LYSINE (use as directed)

BURDOCK ROOT (use as directed)

LICORICE ROOT TEA or capsules (use as directed).

ALFALFA TEA OR CAPSULES (use as directed)

ST. JOHN'S WORT (use as directed)

ECHINACEA (use as directed)

A good multi vitamin that is high in CALCIUM and ZINC.

ESSENTIAL OIL OF OREGANO in capsule form (use as directed)

Eat GARLIC everyday or take REAL GARLIC capsules(use as directed).

Get some APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (take about 2 teaspoons in a glass of water every morning).

Get some extra virgin COCONUT OIL (this seems weird but you want to wear it and eat it too). You take about 1-3 tablespoons everyday and you put in on your all over your body (mainly your spine, may need to get help with that) about 4-6 tablespoons every other night or but stay clothed.

Gargle Hydrogen peroxide everyday for 2 minutes and then spit it out.

DRINK PLENTY OF ALKALINE FORMING WATER daily! Try eating alkaline forming foods, if you can buy only organic foods if you can't afford organic this will not work to it's best ability.

Again I can't stress this enough do your best to eat alkaline forming foods and do your best to eat very little acidic forming foods. The ratio should be 80\\% alkaline forming and 20\\% acidic for 6 days a week and one day to go back to 70\\% - 30\\%. Remember this is for 3 months. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment and when you consume and take those above supplements you should see some very good results. Also when you place the coconut oil on your body focus mainly the genitals and your spine. Also add TEA TREE OIL to your coconut oil(2 drops of TEA TREE OIL per ONE tablespoon of coconut oil) mix is up good in your hand and apply generously every other night. By doing all of this you are empowering your immune system probably like never before to be on super high alert against this virus and forcing it to hide which goes to the spine thus by applying the TEA TREE OIL and COCONUT OIL on your body (mainly your spine) it's attacking it in hyper active way, weakening it at every turn. It will be a long battle (3 months battling) but for less than $450-$600 (depending on the brands but it's up to you) in 90 days it's gone forever is a hands down blessing from God. Also I need to mention this. Praise God. Thank God everyday for you divine health. Pray for others often too. A help people more it does wonders for your health. God bless you all. HAPPY LIVING!


Not really a remedy for healing but def for the pain. My doctor gave me lidocaine gel to numb. Omg a god send! My first outbreak was a yr and a half was absolutely horrible! I took my valtrex and kept it clean and in 2 weeks they played themselves out. Ive recently been under alot of stress and got another small outbreak last week. This time it hit my perineum (the little spot between your front junk and your anus) ten spread into my anus! After a week the perineum is healed but I'm still fighting with the ones in the anus! I think i preferred them in the vagina lol anyway there really isn't a way to heal them faster...just take your antiviral med de stress and keep it clean and wait it out.

Stay Safe

My dear humans yes we are only that! It is very hard to admit we have this virus but comforting to know you all are there to. I see many personal and professional remedies but my biggest concern is what precautions are you taking so your immediate close ones do not contract it? We know to wash hands, and not have sex during out breaks, where condoms and wash or throw out the clothing that the fluid had leaked on. I never share my towels with my family just for those reasons and bleach with hot water. This virus is very contagious take caution if you care for others near you, in your home etc. Knock on wood just by taking precautions I was able to keep my Marriage and family from this same pain we are going thru. Stay strong everyone and help keeping this from spreading teach others to stay safe. Thank you for sharing remedies.

An average woman's take..

I am a 33/year old female. I scrolled every page on here for days and was left more confused than aware. Here is my plain and simple opinion:

About a week ago I noticed a soreness and sensitivity throughout my entire vagina (found out later this is a sign of viral shedding and you are contagious)and then 2 days later came the massive outbreak of blisters and then ulcers.I counted about 42 total. Turns out I had a partner who wasn't so honest. I can only blame myself for not being safe I suppose. Because it was a long holiday weekend everything was closed. I tried to use home remedies I found on here and here is my (unprofessional but realistic) advice:

I tried to deal with this myself but I was miserable and emotionally and physically destroyed.
GO TO YOUR DOCTOR! I got Aclovyr and after 1 day my total and utter misery is starting to improve. I also found out I can take antivirals to prevent me from spreading this horrible virus.

Other things I tried:

Epson salt bath, hydrogen peroxide spray, antibiotic ointment, baking soda, Lysine, Corn starch, Vitamin C...

I bought everything I could find besides Propolis which I would try if I was set on home remedy but couldn't find locally). Nothing made me feel better or helped at all. The only thing that gave me any comfort was the bath because it cleaned the area well and then I blow dried. Not sure if the epsom salt helps- mostly stings but I highly recommend a couple baths a day- at least morning and night.

Everything I read was different. Some said dry it out some said keep it moist, etc.

My doc said nothing really helps significantly and most will do more harm to your comfort than good towards relief. She said the best thing you can do is take the antiviral, keep it clean (wash with warm water and mild soap if you can tolerate it), and wear very soft, light cotton underwear that won't irritate and let it breathe.

She also said if the dryness bothers you vaseline is ok and won't stunt the healing process.

Good luck and I am sorry this happened to you. Tell someone- it helped me a lot. Get the crying out, be mad, be sad, then let it go.. nothing you can do now but keep yourself healthy. And don't feel hopeless or alone- turns out a LOT more people than I thought are infected and living just fine with it.


I've found, finally after five days of excruciating pain, that urinating in a warm bath helps soooo much. I gently spread out my vagina to help the water wash the urine away and keep the sores further from the stream. It helps to sit in the bath a minute or so before peeing so your skin warms up a bit and the change in tempeture doesn't shock your body as much. After peeing I rinse the tub and sit in a fresh clean bath for a while. When you need to go #2 do so after peeing in the tub and hold a small bit of toilet paper to soak up any drips of urine so they don't come in contact with sores. Taking Excedrin has helped with the constant pain as well.


So after four days of horrible pain from sores around my vagina, sores that caused tears and muffled screams during unirnation, I went to RediCare. I had intended on waiting until I could see my doctor but the pain was so awful I couldn't. I should've just went to the E.R. like I did for my UTI, which now in comparison really wasn't as painful. Anyway, the nurse asked my the usual routine medical history questi questions and for how long I had the sores. My boyfriend of one year toom a few pictures to show the doctor because I'm horribly self conscious and it might help limit the time spent actually looking at me. Well the doctor didn't even look at me, he had a nurse help him do a culture and said I'd get the results next week. He told me he couldn't say what it might be because he didn't want to be wrong and didn't even try to give options for the pain when I asked. Now, two days later, I'm barely sleeping and the pai. Of urniating is so bad I'm limiting my fliuds.


I have been researching ways to 'cure' myself of this horrible disease; or at least to treat it. As of today, I am day 25 and my little sores have now turned into deep ulcers taking over my lower right scrotum down through my anus. The little sores that were 'off' on their own slowly died away by me either applying liquid lysine or tea tree oil to them.
According to the various ways to treat my outbreak, I should have already cleared up by now. So, you might ask, what did I try? Here is a breakdown of my progress thus far:
I started with applying Lysine & zinc; as a paste. Liquid Lysine mixed by 'blendering' two 50g zinc tablets. I applied liberally.
No results were really present; and the pain was astronomical. So, found another 'idea.' Thus I did the following:
I applied liquid lysine, zinc, and Tylenol pm (zinc & ty ground up), made a paste, applied liberally.
I did notice that small sores not clumped together were starting to die off; but sores that were clumped closer to my scrotum and anus had no change.
I tried another 'idea.' I applied vinegar, lysine, zinc, and Tylenol pm paste (I made myself). BURNED!!!
BTW, this was about 6 days worth of the following three ideas listed above; as a result, my scrotum, where no sores were present, received a chemical burn. Thus, prolonging my healing process.
After seeing no results, I tried the following:
Hot soaks in the bathtub for 20 min with Epsom salt. (I did notice that the smaller sores were drying out and slowly dying.) I continue to use this bathtub idea to help me clean out the now formed ulcers.
Next, I tried applying peroxide. Place peroxide in a spray bottle, and apply liberally to infected areas. BURNS!!! and caused me to ITCH!!! Again, noticed it works on small sores, but not so much on ulcerated sores.
Having almost lost all faith, I read about Propolis; an extract made from bees. Now, because the vitamin shop was closed, I picked up regular 'honey' pills from CVS. Yep, honey as a pill! Again, I blended (in the blender) Honey Pills (4), Tylenol PM, Zinc tablets; then mixed with liquid lysine to create a paste. I applied liberally to the infected areas. RESULTS SHOWED QUICKLY; day quick. However, something in the mix was causing me to have such a powerful stinging pain I had to stop; again, I realized my skin was now starting to be chemically burned and the ulcers were getting deeper and not healing. (Again, the smaller - lone wolf sores were healing nicely, but the larger, clumped sores, in my nice damp folds of my scrotum and anus area were not healing and had started to turn into deep ulcers.) So, I stopped; but something was working! So I ordered pure Propolis...
I first made a paste from Propolis and Aloe Vera; oh it worked wonders on the pain and itching! However, it caused the ulcers to enlarge taking over half my scrotum and down to my anus. I later would conclude the issue was the aloe vera because it doesn't 'dry' out. It remains moist, therefore, keeping the paste moist as well; and after taking my usual hot bath soaks, and seeing how deep the ulcers had become, I knew I had to change something...
The 'a-ha' moment came when I decided to try just the Propolis powder all by itself. (BTW, it comes in pill form and you just pull the pill apart to get to the powder.) No paste, no other oils, liquids, nothing. Just pure Propolis applied directly (I put the powder into a bowl and use cotton balls ((1 per 'scoop and application')) to my ulcers. Interestingly enough, a new round of infections were starting about four days ago, and I applied just the powder propolis directly onto the new sores, and poof...they were covered, sealed, and gone in a couple of days. Seeing these results made me want to apply only the powder to my ulcers. Yep, even today, I am still applying to Propolis to my ulcers, it doesn't sting, doesn't hurt, and seems to be helping to seal the ulcers nicely. However, because the ulcers are oozing so much, I am still having to add new propolis each time I have to use the restroom. The rest of my scrotum is still burned, but is slowly healing.
BTW: All the pastes I made leaked through my underwear and through my pants; so whilst at work, I'd get up and people, I am sure, would think I had pee'd on myself. However, with powder worries.

Where to buy: Vitamin Shoppe (14.99) OR Amazon. Brand: Durhams Bee Propolis (amazon: $12.95)
(I also take it internally, as well as Zinc (100 mg) Vit. C, D,E, and Honey Pills (Yep you can buy them at CVS.) Plus liquid Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano (This stuff will BURN your mouth!!!!! - but worth it) Oh, and I load up on Tylenol (1g) and ibprophen(800mg), about every 4 to 6 hours for the pain.

The moral of the story is this, of everything I tried, and after 25 days, and still many more to go, PROPOLIS seems to have won! Please try Propolis.... it's worth it.

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