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orajel for cold sores. It works for me as I have had this on my lower back and butt for over 25 yrs. it dances around and breaks out constantly. I have tried everything and some things work but nothing has really given me relief but the orajel for cold sores. I was so looking forward to a vacation without a ob, and of course two days before it came. I saw a commercial for the cold sore relief and thought, well it couldn't hurt, wow, it is clearing up and the best part is the pain went away. I do use garlic inside and out I make garlic oil with fresh garlic and olive oil then strain after it sits for a few days. It stinks but does help. I also have a vegetarian diet mostly, don't eat nuts, chocolate, and foods high in argine. all of that and I was still getting ob. now I have found that if I stay of wheat and I use buckwheat instead, that is helping. I also take d 3 and that too helps. but the orajel has been a life saver so far. two weeks into it, so time will tell, but just to have relief is amazing.


I'm 22, when I was 18 I left home to move in with 'the love of my life'... I literally left one state to live life with him in another. My first outbreak was HORRENDOUS!!! I remember feeling like someone was reaching into my uterus and ripping it out everytime I peed, I remember crying and shaking yo the point where my father had to rush me to the hospital. The doctor said it could have been herpes or soreness from having so much rough sex... I went home told 'the love of my life' and looked at him with confusion because I never had unprotected sex until I was with him... Got a call a week later letting me know I had contracted the virus... He then said 'maybe its dorment in my blood stream...'... Idiot... Anywho they put me on acyclovir... But it wasn't working for me at all!!! Had no idea why

Two weeks later I thought I had a yeast infection, so bought all these kits to clear it up and I was feeling horribly sick... Found out I was 8 weeks pregnant

I told him, he kicked me out and told me to get an abortion... So

I kept my baby, I got the best doctor I could get on welfare they did an extensive std testing and found he had given me Herpes, HPV(genital warts kind), and Trich(disgusting bacteria STI)... The trich was curable but the other two are for life... During my pregnancy I suffered outbreaks the most because my body was shutting my immune system for my son to develop, if the body does not do so it would kill the baby off as a foreign thing in your body that does not belong...

The doctors had me on Valtrex, way stronger than acyclovir for me and the HPV only affected me when I was pregnant

After I had my son, my mother did some research and found OREGANO OIL... I strongly suggest looking this up!!!

Supposedly, the oregano oil can and will kill the virus... Now I did the treatment but not consistently like I should have... I didn't have a breakout for close to 2 years after that treatment... I suggest buying the pills and the oil... Google 'Oregano Oil and Herpes'... Some people have stated that they no longer have the virus

Also, after I did the treatment I entered a relationship and I was up front and honest about my condition and health... He accepted me and we had unprotected sex like MILLIONS of times... He is my husband :)... He has not contracted the virus from me... We believe the oregano oil has something yo do with that...

Anyway, I'm praying for you all... This condition is not the end of the world, although it sucks, it is still manageable

I am currently going through a breakout and because I don't have anymore oil or have the money for it(its very expensive)... I'm looking for remedies until I can start the treatment

God bless and good luck :)

Kevin B.

Simply put....I had been diagnosed with herpes back in the late 1980's. Suffered like most. Getting outbreaks weekly, then monthly. Listened to my body when outbreaks were about to happen...(everybody is different). Searched and searched then got lucky and went to a site and read up on everything and listened to all the videos. After listening to why no cure was available (pharmaceutical companies)... this gentleman told his story...even warned that the links would be shut down due to the fact that it was a natural cure...not a product of a pharmaceutal company....and sure enough they shut it down....I went to ebay and found the product...used it according to directions.....and have been absolutely FREE OF OUTBREAKS FOR OVER A YEAR.
Go and Google search ' Jim Humble's Mineral Suppliment'
I have waited this long to make sure I felt comfortable with passing this discovery on to others, but I am at a point where I am 100% sure it did the trick.
Simply put it is a water purification additive....and the human body is mostly water.....get it?


This is by far the worst thing I've ever experienced, but I've been focused on ways to make it better...only have had two outbreaks so far, but they were both very close together (two months apart) and very severe. I want to cry with pain and itching.

Vaseline is the best thing I've found to help the burning while peeing. Coat the entire area with quite a bit of it and clean off afterwards. No pain :)

Hydrogen peroxide is good relief and dries up the sores nicely. Use a hair dryer to make sure it's nice and dry. Still not sure whether it's ok to use on internal lesions (I have with a Q-tip with no problems), but I'm not sure of the safety or side effects.

Tea tree oil, bee propolis, diaper rash cream are all other soothing options that have worked well. Aloe vera is very soothing as well if it burns.

If you can't sleep at night, take a benedryll or two to sleep through it. I try and sleep naked just to let it air out.

If anyone has any great itching remedies or internal lesion advice, please let me know!

Good luck and stay positive :) oh and take your vitamins! Lysine, vitamin C, zinc, etc :)

This sucks. The hardest part is changing your lifestyle, dieting, and exercising for me personally. Hopefully this gets better with time! :(


I was just told by a doctor last night that I have herpes. When she was examining me, the words 'That definitely looks herpetic.' struck me like a train. I froze, and in my head I thought, 'wow. I have herpes. My life is over.' but on the outside I tried to maintain my composure. I was given acyclovir and vicodin and neither has really seemed to do anything for me. My problem is that I have my blisters around my anus and the pain is intolerable. I cannot function properly because every little thing hurts! Does anyone have any suggestions for the treatment of anal herpes, specifically the burning and stinging because it is so bad that it hurts to even sit a certain way. Is there any creams or ointments or natural remedies to soothe the outbreak around that area?

I feel so sad, ashamed, embarrassed, and scared and idk how to continue living a normal life. I'm embarrassed to tell my family and friends because I don't want to be looked at differently or feel like a walking STD. How are you guys coping? Is there any other gay males who've experienced this and could give me insight as to how your journey has been? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I have had the virus for 30+ years. OB's 1-2 times a year. Valtrex for the virus, neosporin, and hydrocorisone cream for sores. The sores are like blisters, but they need to be dried out. Refrain from sex during OB.


Hey everyone! I'd like to share my story to get it off my chest as it has completely taken over my life. The summer before my freshman year in high school, I was spending time with my family before going back to school. With my mom being a single mom and me being the oldest child, I had a lot on my plate and didn't have time to make bad decisions. I was always a straight A, no trouble kind of kid. I was a virgin, hell I had my FIRST kiss in 8th grade. So sex was never on my mind. I went to my aunts and uncles and I was offered my first alcoholic beverage. I was safe, at the house, with family. So I said sure, why not? It was a little cheerleader beer and I had one and got a little buzz. Needless to say, being at my FAMILIES where I thought I'd be most safe, I got raped by my own cousin, THAT NIGHT I was in excruciating pain. I thought it was just because I had been taken advantage of.. but the pain kept getting worse. The next day my Nana picked me up and knew I wasn't acting right. On top of being raped, I had EVERY flu-like symptom. I was pale in the face, my stomach was upside down and I wanted to throw up. She took me to the DR. Long story short, DR told me I was contracted with HSV. I remember thinking my life was over. I never told anybody right away what had happened, being young and scared. I kept everything to myself. My head was always down. I guess I thought that 'I HAVE HERPES' was stamped on my forehead. As depressed as I was, I knew I had to somehow better myself. I wasn't going to let myself be depressed. But me having HSV was ALWAYS on my mind 24/7. My BIGGEST fear was not being able to have a normal relationship. I wanted to get married. I LOVE babies. I wanted to be a Neonatal Nurse. I was never going to be able to have children. Then, I met a guy in high school and completely fell in love. We dated for awhile and sex was never in the picture. Well months went by and I was being told by other people to watch out, that I shouldn't be with him. But why, he was everything I wanted. One of my friends told me he had herpes. I knew it was meant to be but I couldn't tell her that. I said no, there's no way. Inside, I was overwhelmed with happiness. We dated on and off all through high school but
I was still focused on my studies. We had sex ONCE. The summer after 11th grade, I was out of town at lunch with family and didn't have service. I went to the bathroom and noticed I had a billion missed calls. I started panicking thinking something very bad must have happened. I called my best friend to make sure she was ok and she informed me he was killed in a motorcycle accident. I laid in the bathroom floor sobbing until my family came in to find me. I couldn't even talk or stand. F.M.L. NOW my life was officially over -___- Along with the stress of helping my mom constantly, being raped by my cousin and contracting HSV, and losing someone that I cared so much about, I kept pushing and did the CNA program my senior year. I graduated with my CNA and CMAA license. and I'm now in my first year of college going to school for my RN, and then will specialize as a neonatal nurse. No matter how depressed you may be, YOU HAVE TO KEEP PUSHING. You can't let HSV control your life, it's a very small fraction of who you are. I rarely have OB's but when I do, the main cause is stress. So relax, and enjoy your life. If you worry about it, HSV is going to attack you. Think positive everything will be fine.


This is such a great site. Thanks to you all and I have been reading all your stories and comments. I am told by my doctor, who is a dermatologist, that I had herpes. I am quite surprised when I read all the stories because I felt no pain the very first time And I only had smal paper cuts. I did have tingling anf burning sensation for sure and I had few Repetition and all started different signs without pain. Once I had tingling sensation for one day, redness around the shaft of my penis like eczama !!! The second time , a month later itching and tingling, not bothering much, I have not taken the valtrex until I saw the single or may be two pimle like bump. I took the valtrex and it seemed helped healing but i had no pain at any time. Are there different types of HSV 1 and 2 ? Is this because everyone has different immune system? it is strange. I really do not want to take valtrex and since I can survive, i need to just find thebest method to heal the one or two pimples. I wonder if i will have more if i dont take valtrex!!,I am using thetea tre oil and it helps. I will now try your remedies and see the best for me, propolis, lemon balm, and so on. Please comment becasue my wife thinks I am crazy reading all these ans she is a biig support of this situation and I am terrified if I give it to her. Thanks for your comments.


I had to share this i have GH type 1 and 2. today i had my 3rd break out IT was the WORST i've had since the nice fellow that i met thought it would be fun to give herpes away like a gift. (sarcasm)
i wanted to share my remedy on how i have been stopping it cold turkey and killing it almost instantly. i know you should never put anything on it but i was desperate!
1 Noxzema (the pads) they burn like hell but it helps break them open and disinfect them the area starts turning white lie the layer of skin is dyeing it turns back to normal color when it drys i really almost scrub the areas with it that are infected
2 cortisone all over lots of it
3 goldbond medicated lotion in the Green bottle with the red lid - i think its extra strength its so very soothing takes away all the pain!
4 Vicks vapor rub also very soothing

Extra:: (ladies) in between restroom breaks adding a little vicks or cortisone to the toilet paper to wipe helps with pain a lot i tried zinc diaper rash ointment and it just stung me. lol

i repeated these steps about 3-4 times today and this horrid break out has already flattened completely out and started to dry up. no more hurty for me :) i am not on any antivirals or other medications that would effect the healing process of these steps. so good luck hope it works out for you hopefully there will be a cure soon :)


Hi! I can only imagine what it must be like to complete a year with Herpes. I turn 24 this year and had my first OB some 3-4 months back. The worst thing is, I've only had sex once some 3 years ago (it didn't even happen right!) and broke up with my boyfriend... Only to realize 3 years later that I have herpes!
Anyhow, stress is always the big trigger here and I have learnt to meditate. In fact, researching more on the Internet made me feel better and that in turn relieved a lot of stress. Herpes is pretty common!
The best remedy for me has been Neem. I don't know if you guys get it in the west, I am from India. I take one neem capsule everyday and it really works. Sometimes when I am off them, I can feel a few bumps under my skin but they disappear as soon as m back on neem.
If any of you have acess to neem, I would really recommend it (except pregnant women).
Among other home remedies, I have found garlic to be an excellent solution. I boil a clove in a tiny bowl of water and use that solution throughput the day on the affected area with cotton. You can also juice some garlic and dilute it in water.
I hope it helps u all.
And in case someone finds it useful, please post it to the main thread, I couldn't find the option to!

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