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I got herpes for my 30th birthday! UGH! On a positive note, I was able to pee for the first time in almost 24 hours. My doctor told me about a spray called Dermoplast. He normally has woman who have pain after childbirth use it to numb before peeing. It stings a little bit when first sprayed, but then provides relief. I have ulcers around the opening of my urethra that would not let me go. This stuff saved me from going to the ER for a catheter. It is a lifesaver!


I wanted to share my remedy for cold sores. Ive gotten them since I was a young kid. My outbreaks would cover my lips and even my chin. In my teenage years I put Mentholatum on them and it would completely heal and stop speading immediately. Now if I think im gona get one I put some of that on it and it doesnt even breakout. Recently I had a breakout on private area. I came here to find advice. I saw a post that said what works for cold sores may work down there. I used the burned a little but this is day 4 and sores are gone! I applied it 3x a day. I hope this helps. It is a small green bottle sold for colds(suppose to apply on chest or under nose). It really works.


I'm 45 and was diagnosed in the last year. It was a long and painful process because they couldn't figure it out because my symptoms are quite mild although without treatment- as it was for about 8 months- very painful. FIRST let me say to 'newbies' I have always been very sexually open and free and have had quite a bit of unprotected sex for many many years. I have never had any STD before, nothing. I feel A) fortunate and B) that perhaps all the scare tactics and stastics aren't real accurate. If 1 in 3 or 4 adults has Herpes I should have had it LONG ago. ANYWAY- judging by what ive read here you don't have to be a 'slut' to get it and being one doesn't guarantee you'll get it. At first I was DEVASTATED and i thought only truly dirty whore streetwalkers got Herpes but all my research (and much calming down) shows that its REALLY JUST A SKIN DISEASE THAT HAPPENS TO BE TRANSMITTED THROUGH SEXUAL CONTACT. dealing with th symptoms has been harder than dealing with the 'shame'. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY REMEDY!! As I said I've had this for about a year now, almost
Like clockwork I break out the week before
My period and I take 800mgs of Axyclovir once a day for 5 days and all fine. My main symptom is what seems exactly like a shavIng cut in the same spot every time. Well for the past 2 or maybe 3 months I've had that same ongoing symptom despite going as much as 800mgs 3x a day fir weeks and it never went away. The doctor had no solutions so I FOUND THIS PAGE! I read through probably 60+% of it and found a not if similar suggestions until one person said they shaved pieces off an actual Acyclovirr pill and put it on the lesions1 which made snesenro me. Another person said they put vitamin d3 directly on the lesions which made sense to me. SO- that night I grated an acyclovir with the fine part of a cheese grater AND mixed it with a vitamin B3 oil that u got out if the capsule and the NEXT
all my problems were solved. After months of taking huge amounts of drugs that didn't work THIS WORKED and I'm so happy! Its been about a week and Ive been taking B3 Orally and also putting it on the area for safety and I'm 100% fine. YAY! so grateful for this forum :)


I have had herpes for about 10 years. I have found that what works best is peroxide and DMSO gel or liquid. I first apply the peroxide + then I put DMSO over it. Make sure to wash your hands before and after DMSO use. It severely shortens the duration of OB.


Concerning my previously posted remedy, I forgot to mention that the bicarbonate of soda should be dissolved in a glass of water, of course. Unfortunately I took it for granted that it would be understood.


This is how I have fought herpes and candida. It may not work for others but it has done it for me, so far. First of all, get regular sleep; I cannot sleep for 7-8 hours every night but I manage to have at least 6 (continuous).

Next, take 1/4 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda morning and evening for a month. Be sure you take it over two hours before or after your meals, and I would wait as much time before taking in further food. Bicarbonate of soda creates an alkalin environment in our stomach, which is not ideal for fungi and viruses. However, we need an acidic environment when digesting, this is why it is important leaving enough time between the ingestion of BofS and any intake of food.

Next, neem, which is a tree growing mainly in India. Get pure neem oil and capsules.
Capsules: Take two capsules daily (morning and evening, with your meals) after you have finished with the bicarbonate of soda's treatment. Do it for a month.
Oil: you can use the oil too during the first month while using the bicarbonate of soda. Apply on the skin externally, do not take internally. The oil freezes if the temperature is lower than 18 degrees. Just put the bottle of oil under warm water or rub it in your hands for a while and it will return liquid. It smells but I don’t mind its smell. Others may do. Apparently this oil is good for acne, too.

Take a break; see how it has gone after the first month with the bicarbonate of soda and then the second one with the capsules.

Good luck.

Almost cured

I have had this for about 4 years and I have got lots and lots of reading and I have noticed that if I stay away from fatty and fried foods and eat lots of veggies it helps plus read up on
Vit C I take about 2000 mg 2 or 3 times a day
NAC I take about 900-1200 mg a day
ALA I take about 300-600 mg a day
They need to be taken together and you need to read up on them cuz if you have other problems you might not be able to take them but the research has shown people taking them alone have had a viral count drop as much as 40% with HIV and HS1 and HS2 but do your own reading look up the 'Gerson therapy' 'The china study' and lots of stuff on Netflix don't give up hope

sincerely 381

this site is a relief to know Im not the only.. however mine is different than what's described. i was 15 when i found out. yes first one was terrible and in my private area.. thought my world was going to end. i hated the person who gave it to me. i inspected his body to find nothing. anywho here i am 10+ years later. i don't get vagina breakouts as mine are on my elbow and inner thigh about a nickle size burning and painful. swells and sometimes with small blister like pimples.i use tea tree oil. put it on all the time. my break outs are caused by stress or hot to cold rapid fluctuations (beach to snow type) ...not legal but 420 helps keep u stress free. i am currently in a relationship and i don't know how to bring it up. i know its for the best rather then me pretending it doesnt exist ..any suggestions?


I have been having herpes for about 25 years so I have tried a lot treatments. Last year I started using OREGANOL(oil of oregano). It is very effective if you use it when the first symptoms occurs. You just need to apply the oil on the area and reapply every hour. It also help with the pain and to speed the healing. Last time I used it I was able to detect the herpes very early and the herpes was stopped the first day.


I guess for me it's been almost two years. I started seeing a friend and soon loved him with everything in me. I was falling far him even though it was supposed to be casual. I wasn't seeing anybody else but him... I loved him. For me it was a horrible agony after sex one night, I couldn't sleep or pee. He seemed concerned and unaware. A week later I went to the ER for a fever, I had to leave work I was feeling so bad. I remember seeing scratches appear a little while later... Then I heard a rumor. After being confronted he admitted it but said he didn't think it could be transmitted from what the Dr's told him, after all his ex hasn't gotten it. Lucky me right. Well two years later I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I'm afraid to leave him because I was unable to stop loving him and I'm scared of having to tell this to another. I still get sad about it and I'm constantly stressed by work. My psych meds get me stable enough to combat the stress but that's it. I just try not to think about it, take happy pills, and continue to strangely love the person who did this to me because he makes me happy on most days. Thank you all for your stories. I'll have confidence to leave him soon and start my life over soon because of stories like these.

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