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I received GH at a ripe old age of 57. After dating about 7 months with a very nice person and having protected sex, I decided this was like only having sex. to me this was a person I loved so a month after I stopped the protection, I had herpes. I have always studied natural remedies, so I tried many things. The best to me is oil of lavendar and Desitin, yes baby desitin. It has a high percentage of zinc. these should be used asap when you notice the first symptoms. Usually by the 3rd or 4th day they start to go.


Here goes ... I am 23 and i have had herpes for a year and 3 months now ... i contracted it in my second year at college . I got it from a dude i was messing around with. It was the worst mistake of my life and im now paying for it. I remember waking up and just not feeling right. My vagina was red and itchy. I decided to go to the doctor. She said it was just an infection and it would go away. She gave me medications. After a few days of taking the meds it wasnt working and the pain became worst. Then I realize that i had sores on the outside of my vagina. I went back to the doctor and she told me i had herpes. I told the dude i was messing around with what the doctor said. He really didnt care in my opinion. I went through a really bad first OB i couldnt walk or pee or even take a shower properly. I told my room mate about my situation since she was my really good friend. After a few weeks she stop talking to me and moved out.I was alone and had noone. The dude i got it from now has a girl friend which pretty much devastated me. im pretty sure he havent told her about it either. BUT its not the end life goes on. I usually get OB before my period. which isnt cool. I have been looking for home remedies to help manage it( im so glad i found this page) i have read a few post and i will try a few . Thanks to everyone who posted here


I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed a year ago, and the sores were horrible!! I had outbreaks almost every other month. I usually NEVER take any kind of medications for ANYthing, so I looked out for natural remedies. I tried Neem, and that did help for a bit, and then I read about Hypericum mysorense. This is a herb found in the forests of southern India. Helped me tremendously. There's other herbs from the hypericum family also that are antiviral. The one I used was Hyperisence, which was a combination of a few different herbs.


I was suffering from chronic canker sores (type of herpes) in my mouth since I was a child. Slightest drop in my immune system - and I would get straight away. Tried fighting it with conventional means at first, and nothing really worked. Than about a year ago this nasty thing migrated to my 'below-waist-line' which I assumed was a disaster.
I read heaps of information on natural remedies, and started off by excluding from my diet peanuts, excessive sugar and coffee. But what REALLY helped me to fight off my herpes problem is supplement called 'ANDROGRAPHIS'. If taken daily keeps the herpes away completely! I haven't had any breakouts for almost a year now. Neither in my mouth nor down below.

Damn You OB

I am 30 years old and have had GH since late 2006. This has been life altering, especially when a OB happens. When first diagnosed of course they say take the pills...well I have tried every last one of them and they DONT work for me. I don't get sick often so I cant say my immune system is weak. I have tried many things, but what I can say has worked the longest for me is to get a Brazilian! Yes ladies get it all off! I didn't have a bush before, I would trim the hairs as low as possible. Since getting sugared(natural form of hair removal) I have seen a significant decline in OB's. I was having them almost every month. I went for like 6mos without an OB! I just started recently again getting them it seems like every other month after my period. I was using Benadryl itch spray when I felt an OB coming and this usually took the symptoms away or made a shorter OB. Yes it burns! Having this can put such a damper on your sex life. It seems like every time I need to have sex in my relationship..OB!!! Its frustrating and unless you have this can you understand the immense pain. I always get OB's in the most horrible places. Like right now I have one behind my vagina, but right by butt hole...great! So its nearly impossible for this to air out! Sorry to be so graphic but we are all discussing this annoying 'skin condition' Why cant it come on my thigh? But I guess it wouldn't be genital no would it? I would take the least I wouldn't avoid drinking or eating so I wont have to go to the bathroom. Anyhoo I appreciate everyones comments on here. I went and bought the propolis today so hopefully this will help.


Hello I'm 28 years old and have had hsv for three years! Your life isn't over. Keep stress to a minimum an eat healthy an exercise often. I have found many helpful remedies to sooth an calm itching an pain associated with this horrific disease. I'm a waitress an do a lot of walking so I hope this helps everyone out there suffering as I ALSO HAVE!!!!
1. To clean the affected area you can use...
A) hydrogen peroxide
2) Take a hot bath as hot as you can stand an put the following in your bath water.
2c Epsom salt w lavendar
1c sea salt
1/4c baking soda
Few drops peppermint an tea tree oil.
You can add or use alone but buy AVEENO BABY OATMEAL PACKETS!!! MAJOR HELP!!
While in tub wash with ( I bought Paul mithchel tea tree soap) it also has peppermint in it an soothes a lot!!!
3) following your bath dry off with hair dryer w warm but not hot setting!
4) next steps you will crush 2 tylenol PM tablets an put a few DROPS warm water to make into a paste! Use q tip or finger tip to apply. This helps the blisters heal an thers something in the PM that helps with the sting an itch.
B) CORNSTARCH is very helpful when you have to walk or be active! The key is to keep the blisters dry so they can heal.
C) AQUAFOR acts as a skin protectant an will aid in keeping moisture out!
D) AT any point in the day ive found that AVENO OATMEAL CREME HELPS!
7) CUT A LONG SLIVER OF GARLIC AN INSERT INSIDE YOU. You can tie a string to later pull out I do this at bedtime n leave in for 6-8 hours. It will kill the bad bacteria inside you!

So I hope this helps a few people out there suffering from this! I know it ducks an you think your life is over but I assure you it is not! You to will get past this! Stay positive an keep healthy an take good care of yourself! Please comment on this id love to know what has worked best for you an aids in the most comfort!!! Thanyou to all for reading and or trying these very helpful remedys!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!


Thought I'd contribute my experience so far with this s.o.b called h.s.v...

Had it for about 8 years now, type deux. I've never taken prescribed drugs as I don't believe in taking meds, unless absolutely necessary... like medical weed, sometimes that's necessary right?

What works: The aloe DMSO -which doesn't smell nice like the rose scented stuff, more like ass- works amazing if you keep on top of it at the pro-dome stage. Keep applying until there are no more symptoms, and if you feel them coming on again (they will sometimes even days later.. it's a stubborn s.o.b virus sometimes), apply more! This early DMSO treatment stops the OB from getting to the blister stage about 75% of the time (I've been keeping a journal for years now). FYI, I rarely apply it to the spine and am too lazy to follow the regular preventative/maintenance plan unfortunately, but I can't see that hurting. I find the aloe DMSO causes itching when applied to the spine area for some reason.

Also, if I'm ever nervous about there possibly being something coming on I apply DMSO before having sex -like an hour before ideally so it can absorb fully- as a precaution.

For when I actually get blisters, I pop them with a pin when they are super tiny (usually only one or two these days), clean the area well with soap and water and then use Chorophor. One tiny bottle will last you for like 10 years. It burns like a mother fucker for a bit, but then the pain subsides and so does the virus. Keep it dry right where the Chorophor has zapped the blister(s) and formed a kind of scab. Use DMSO on the surrounding area if needed for pain but try to keep the scab dry and in tact. If you got the blister when it was tiny, it'll be fully healed 3-4 days later, no joke.

As for oil of oregano, I use that for when I feel a cold coming on or for infections from surf/reef cuts (orally and topically). Shit works amazing for these, so think I may add it to my DMSO + Chorophor herpes destroyer kit! Will try to remember to come back here to post the results of using oil of oregano with the DMSO. Will try just orally at first, don't know about mixing it with DMSO tho?! Going to give zinc a try too.

Oh ya, biggest causes for me are: lactic acid build up from too much anaerobic activity, i.e. sprinting type sports (skiing & surfing), stress, fake tanning (don't judge me), and shaving my package, haha..

As for telling a potential new gf or bf, it's definitely something you need to do.. Not on the first date though! Make sure they are pretty into you first (duh) and you've built some sort of trust with them so hopefully they'll be more open minded when you do tell them. Know as much as possible about the virus and have treatment plans like this to stop OB's in their tracks or at least limit the whole thing to a max of 5- days so you have more confidence talking about it. I have been lucky and never passed it, but I didn't tell one of my gf's about it in the past and it made it really awkward when I did have any issues with the virus, and I felt guilty for not letting her. The other person has the right to know, especially if you like gambling and are still not using protection!

Sorry for the uber long comment.. Hope it helps someone though!

PS: This virus has very little impact on my life these days thanks to these remedies and I like to think I live a far beyond 'normal' life -in a good way!- so get control of this pesky little bastard and keep on livin!!


I am in my thirties and just found out that I probably have herpes. Waiting for the test results to be 100% sure and find out what type. My biggest concerns are: How long have I had this? Did I give it to anyone else unknowingly? Did I give or get it from my girlfriend?

We've been researching information and I want to thank you all for sharing your stories and remedies. It is comforting to know that we are not alone! I'm a bit unusual in that I am uncircumcised. I have been happy about that until now. Unfortunately, my foreskin creates a warm moist playground for the virus. I've gone from what I thought was a urinary tract infection to a probable herpes outbreak with several very painful sores on the head of my penis.

So here goes: Time to be positive and live healthier. I'm going to improve my eating habits, exercise more, cut down the stress and live positively. I'm also going to try the remedies that you have all generously shared and find what will work for me.

Thank you all again so much and I will be sure to share news on my progress! =)


suffered from cold sores of the mouth since I was a child. I am now 50 years old and have not had an episode in over 3 years. Here is the cure that main stream medicine does not want you to hear..
ZINC. Zinc in the capsules, pull the capsule apart and use a q tip to dab some of the zinc onto. Apply it to the cold sore and cover it .. if it is your mouth, try to leave it on as long as possible and definitely over night. This will be your last cold sore.. it runs and hides from zinc.

Free Indeed

I was diagnosed with genital Herpes last year 2012. After 2 weeks of painful outbreaks, frustration, embarrassment etc. I decided to start taking Olive leaf extract (15+% Oleuropein). I took high dosages to begin with for about a month and slowly the symptoms started disappearing. I no longer have symptoms and I have been eating bad foods just to see if I can trigger any kind of reaction and no reactions is the result. I will keep taking it for a while longer and then get retested. No lesions and no 'Tingling' sensation whatsoever, it feels good to be back.

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