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I've had hsv1 for about 5 years now 17-22yrs old, and am just now looking up home remedies. I'm anxious to try a few of the natural ones out. Just wanted to put my 5 cents in on what I've noticed triggers mine if anyone's interested --

1. stress
2. tight pants worn for a few hours + (anything that has a constant rub in the same area is no good. even recently while i had an outbreak, my partner and I were keeping safe and dry humping- which caused another sore where he had been rubbing on my pelvic. i believe when you have one outbreak, you're more able to get another at that time)
3. change of diet (i don't think slight differences matter but when i go from dieting to not drastically, i'm more prone, or when i gave up gluten and dairy at once- something significant)

of course it's not my place to advise you, but i do suggest telling your partner(s). i didn't tell anyone for a few years and when i finally gave it a shot (after growing pretty close of course) it turned out drastically better. as you can see, it's a very common virus and more accepted upon some than you may think. and of course, it minimizes that stress making ob's less often, and in turn feels better and lighter when you do- considering it's not kept a secret.

best of luck everyone! don't let this sucker change your life. it's not as frequent or drastic as it seems when you're not staring at it on the computer screen or positively thinking it won't be back for many months. it's now just another part of you that makes up your perfection :)


Herpes simplex 2 Genital herpes.June 2011 I set my water heater to 135% F and started showering with no cold water added. to my surprise my herpes outbreak stopped itching within the hour.Next day there were only red dots where the blisters had been. Two days later it was all gone. every shower I concentrate hot water on the areas where outbreaks were prone to occur.I have not had another outbreak of herpes since.


HI all.

I have had HSV1 for many years and typically only see an outbreak once a year or less. Recently (last 6 months) I have been under serious stress (I'm Army) and have had a breakout every month. That's when I started looking for remedies. Anyway, they usually last a couple weeks but this is what I did on my present outbreak which seems to be cutting down the healing time significantly. 1. I have been taking L-Lysine and tripled up my daily dose once I started feeling the tingling. I can't say for sure but I think it helps. 2. This last outbreak was under my nose and I have sleep APNEA so I wear a mask to bed. To prevent my mask from irritating the outbreak, I put a bandaid on it. This wasn't a planned 'remedy' but I noticed that having the bandaid on underneath my mask, which causes pressure on the bandaid, within two days, I'm in the healing process already. My guess is the bandaid is acting as an outlet for the blisters to release into therefore speeding up the entire disgusting process of the virus.
Summary: Take L-Lysine daily (500mg minimum). If you do have outbreak, put bandaid on and somehow create slight pressure on it throughout the night.

As I said, this just happened and I am healing significantly quicker than past outbreaks so I'm just letting you know what I did, and I can't say for sure that it's what caused it to heal quicker but, maybe someone else has had similar experiences and can add to it.

Ashame & Foolish at 50

I have been reading this site for a week now because at 50 years old and after 30 years of marriage (but recently seperated) I have contracted an STD from foolishly having unprotected sex with 2 people who I thought were responsible, clean older men. I have an appointment to see a physician for an exact diagnosis but I am terrified, ashame, feel dirty and isolated. Im afraid of what the doctors, my family and other people will think about me. I even feel like I'm being punished for deciding to leave my marriage.

I've read about various STD's and have symptons that could be GW and GH or both (that's why I feel dirty and contaminated). I feel sooooo STUPID.

I work in the health field and I have a 28 year old daughter and a 25 year old son whom I educated about safe sex but then I make a stupid mistake that will affect my life forever.

Im even ashamed to tell the two men because the one who did not give it to me may think Im promiscious and nasty.

I feel all alone because I haven't read on this site where someone my age has contracted an STD at this stage in life....I AM ASHAME & FOOLISH!


I've had this virus for around 10 years and for the last 4-5 years I had really few breakouts. When you body is ready to have an outbreak you know it in advance. You feel the tingles and unconfortable feeling around the area. As soon as you feel it coming on apply rubbing alcohol directly on the area. You can use a cotton ball or even regular tissue; SOAK it with the alcohol and hold in on the area for about 1 minute (it will burn like hell but only for about 10 seconds). After you do this allow this area to dry for about another minute. I usaully take a bath or shower after this process to make sure my body it clean and clear. For best results do this before going to bed and make sure not to wear any underwear to allow the area to breathe. I guarantee you this will work and most likely you'll have a very short outbreak if any.


I have had GH since the ripe age of 18 and I am now 25. My first few outbreaks were never so bad; I only suspected I had something because of the itching leading up to and then the burn from urinating (oh, and this after my doctor said I was clean, even though I had known my ex had been dogging around, no telling how many girls he spread it to)....ANYWAY...

I have never had too bad an outbreak after the initial one. And I have only ever had the one sore occur when I have had an outbreak. But see if some of the following advice will help:

1. Fold up a CLEAN (i.e. unused) washrag to cover the outbreak area as you urinate. Don't pre-wet it, because the urine will soak in quicker. Sorry for those of you who have outbreaks over the urethra tract.
2. DRINK A TON OF WATER. I know that sounds crazy, but it actually helps, the sooner the better. Once you feel that familiar itch, hit that bottle about 200% (meaning be fully hydrated and then some). Let me say this: if you are pissing water, then there is less ammonia present in your urine to cause a burn.
3. Baby powder helps to dry sores up and relieve the itch. And make sure it is CORNSTARCH. You can actually just skip the baby powder and just buy straight cornstarch actually. DO NOT use talcum powder. It is not good for the genital area anyway, especially not vaginas.
4. Acyclovir sucks for GH and I don't know why my doctor prescribed it. Valtrex or the generic version works I guess...I don't notice a difference but if your partner doesn't have it and you don't use protection, it should decrease the likelihood of him or her contracting it.

I hope this was of some help. Oh yeah, and remember to chill the EF out...all the worrying in the world didn't prevent this suck disease so just grin (or grimace) and bear it. Stress seriously makes it 2X as bad.


I have HSV-2..I just was diagnosed 3 months ago..I have a vaginal sore on the inside of looks like a bruise about the size of a penny...It's been there for 2 days that herpes? I scheduled an appointment but the doctor can't see me until next week..I am so nervous because i'm dating this guy and the condom popped during intercourse..that sore was not there at the time of our sexual contact...I did explain to him that I did have HSV-2 and he stated 'it's fine'. So all kind of things are going through my so nervous..and the crazy thing is i just left the doctor 2 weeks ago for STD annual...i'm so tired..This HSV is really getting on my nerves...I just want to be abstinent but i have needs too...I'm taking my acyclovir 4 times a day..and Vitamin C emergen-C, and probiotics, and plenty of water but i have never seen nothing like this before...its a white and dark patch on the inside of my vagina...any advice from anyone...?????

Richard KY

Ok lets cut to the chase: For Oral Herpies I use Lysol, What i do is spray it on a cotton swab and apply it to the sore in my mouth. I hold it in my mouth for about 5 mins and spit it out. do not swallow and do not rinse your mouth just keep spiting. Let this be the last thing you do before you go to bed. the process might take 30mins after 30 mins wash your mouth with 1/2 cup of water and spit it out. finally take 2 charcoal pills which it to absorb any toxins that my get into your system. - got it. When you wake in the morning it will be all gone trust me this is no joke.

Ok the next day apply bleach using a cotton swab and do the same process. and belive me your mouth will be back to normal in less than 24 hours. you will be happy trust me. those are my # fighters.

MY # 2 fighters are broccol*i, bee propolis, raw pepermint in water strong as you can , vitamine c, dandilion*, charcoal, kelp and lysen.

relax you will be tomarow. :)


I don't really have a remedy for you guts that you have already posted but i want everyone to know that you don't just get herpes from intercourse. I got it from my partner from having oral sex. He had a Coldsore coming in on his mouth and it transferred to me and within days i was in such pain and discomfort. Please everyone know that out could be recieved orally as well s through intercourse.


I have hsv2 and am a heavy marijuana user and never have outbreaks. only had two OB in the 10 yrs ive had it. Dont know if there is any connection there or not. I def know controling your stress is a biggee only OB i had was in very stressfull times in my life. Good luck everybody pray for a cure. peace

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