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I may have never had herpes, but while browsing through remedies, many experienced very fast recovery by taking good quality olive leaf extract (especially seagate brand)

You can also bring a handful of olive leaves and boil on low temperature in a quart of water to half its size then drink the tea. The tea isn't pleasant to be drunk at all, but may be more effective.

If you need more information, just google it, there's a lot of information about olive leaf extract and its efficacy on the herpes virus on the web


I have been HSV-2 positive for 5 years and am on my 4th outbreak. My first 2 were annoying and slightly painful but I could deal. The last one that occurred 3 weeks ago was so excruciating that I couldn't even get out of bed for 2 days, I had to use a bed pan. And now it's coming back in the same spot.
A few things I have found that have worked for me is ice and water, in a ziploc bag wrapped in a pillowcase placed directly on the area. It provided tremendous relief as my sores tend to become hugely swollen before they open. I also took some Rx pain reliever which helped me sleep through the night. Tried tea bags but that didn't help, and tried valciclovir (sp?) which did nothing. Those kinds of drugs have proven to be a total waste of a lot of money for me, so I suggest trying the home remedies before spending a fortune on the Rx's.
My pain comes from the swelling of the sores and once they open they bleed ALOT, but then it's pretty much over for me. If anyone has similar experience and can give me any advice I would appreciate it. I am trying a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar at the moment and hope it helps. I will post if it works or not. Also read that L-lysine, crushed in peroxide, applied directly to the sores, helps so I'm going to try that too.
As far as relationships go, you'll be surprised just how many people are going through this, including people you know. I can count 10 off the top of my head right now and that's just the ones I know of. You're not alone so don't ever think that. After the initial shock, you'll come to terms with it and realize that even though its an unpleasant part of your life that it is just a part, not your whole life.

old guy

I am 62 years old and have had genital herpes since I was 23 years old. From my experience outbreaks are directly related to my stress levels. Stress due to illnesses or becoming emotionally stressed, this causes more outbreaks than any thing else. Outbreaks of herpes cause you to become rundown additionally you are mentally stressed causing a cycle of outbreaks. Breaking the cycle and staying healthy involves keeping yourself stress free and eliminating unhealthy practices in your life. over the years I have had to alternate between different types of natural regimens to assist my body with a natural resistance. Other simple solutions are, don't get sunburned. Too much sun will causes me to have outbreaks, however sun in moderation Is healthy. Toxic relations eliminated from your life will reduce stresses alowing your body to provide natural resistance. I have found that having a healthy sex life helps I believe this is by reducing my stress, have sex by yourself or with partners. Always consider your partner first and avoid sex before outbreaks if you feel an outbreak occurring and then for several weeks afterwards. I have found it bests to always tell your sex partners ahead of relations that you have had herpes this is just polite and being responsible. Good luck and de-stress


I have had herpes virus for about 5 years and never realized that is what I had until my daughter was diagnosed with it. I thought it was something I had caught from taking a bath in lake water. See a hurricane had hit and we were without power and water for two weeks so to keep clean and fresh my family and I would take baths in the lake across the street from my house. I had my first ob on my hind end. I was finally able to get rid of it by washing the infected area with a towel and pure and natural soap. I would get an ob every couple of weeks or every month. I figure I had caught herpes from my ex-husband. Well I have not been sexually active for three years and had an ob when I had a new partner. This time the ob was in my vaginal area and I had been treating it as a yeast infection, with medicated douche which would work. Then my daughter went to the hospital for yeast infection and uti but then was tested for herpes and she had the same symptoms. So I did some research and found this site and has been very helpful. I have come up with a few remedies of my own and combining what I have read and I hope this my help some one else. I have learned to live with te fact I have this and yes when I first realized this is what I had I was devastated and angry. I was faithful wife, was not promiscuous when I divorced, but it happened and I can not change it but only live with and take care if myself. I take 2 of each of these vitamins L-Lysine, selenium, olive tree extract, cranberry, antioxidant, b12 and 1 daily multi vitamin. I started taking these vitamins at night a friend of mine told me her Dr. Said to take vitamins at night because while you are sleeping they go to where they need to go than during the day and active. I don't know but it was worth a try. I have made a concoction which helps it is tablespoon of each witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, gel baby oil with lavander, tea trea oil. I also started using camphopheniqe. It stings as first but then it numbs the pain for a long time. I actually got some sleep. And use baby powder with corn starch. I have also used the cvs brand of pain releiving spray with lidocaine (which soneone else suggested on this site) and cvs zinc oxide this can be found in the isle where caladryl and poison ivy medicine are. I used these last two and my outbreak cleared in three days. When I feel te tingling in my hind end I begin washing with washcloth and the pure and natural soap.


Hello everyone, the best natural and herbal remedies which stop your outbreaks and increase your immunity are Hyperisince and H-factor. Herpes virus tends to remain dormant in the nerve ganglia and becomes active when your immunity goes down. So these remedies are traditionally believed to boost your immunity and make the virus inactive.


BHT BHT!!!! Google BHT and herpes any you will be absolutely amazed to find a real cure. aND it is CHEAP. People who have taken it daily have had bloodwork done and had shown to herpes antibodies in their system. It's not advertised bc it is not patentable and therefore no company will pay to advertise it bc they won't profit off it like their other expensive medications for helped. Ever since I started I have been free from all breakouts!

try and see what works for you

1st off thank you to every 1who came befor me 2nd I wish every body would be more clear on what works for men and what works for Women. Ok here's a list products best for the ladies .
1.Aloe vera oil /gel/ cream soothing element
2.Zicam with aloe vera works to minmize the size of out break its easy to use& its not messy apply as needed
3.vitamin. C and zinc pills help the healing process
4.Lysine comes in small sizes so you can keep it your purse


Hello, I am a 43 yr old woman diagnosed with HSV-2 1 1/2 yrs ago. I am a registered nurse that was married to the same man for 20 yrs ( the marriage was monogamous). Several months after divorce I met a really great man. We fell in love and of course were intimate. About 6 months into our relationship I had difficulty peeing. At first I thought I had a urinary tract infection and the additional irritation was due to an active yeast infection. Once I examined the area myself I noted lesions all around the vaginal area and then realised something was very wrong.These symptoms were followed by flu like symptoms, swollen glands and feeling bad overall as well as great pain. I knew when I looked what was going on. We both went to the Dr and were tested for everything. Blood tests were positive for HSV-2.
I do not feel like my significant other was ever dishonest with me. As I understand the disease, some people can carry the virus and never have symptoms. He has never had symptoms of the disease, never an outbreak which makes it a very tricky virus.
Of course I went through all of the emotions that we go through once diagnosed but I figure it could be much worse, just how I have to look at it!
I received a prescription for Valtrex at diagnosis and began taking it that day. Certainly for me the drug does provide some relief, however, I do not like taking meds on a daily basis. Although outbreaks are infrequent for me I have tried several home remedies when they do occur. I have tried baking soda and I will NEVER EVER do that again. The pain it creates is terrible, almost unbearable! DON'T DO IT! I am considering drinking it but would never apply it directly to a lesion again, EVER! Such a tender place on the the body to begin with!!!! What has helped me is nu-skin or liquid band-aid. Once I feel a tingle I bathe more frequently in hot h20 and then apply nu-skin to the area followed by using the hair dryer on the area until dry. Yes, the new skin will burn like like hell (blow dryer is a bonus!) if the area is already blistered and weeping but the nu-skin makes it dry up so quickly! I think it also isolates the area preventing more lesions. At least that has been my experience. I then dust with cornstarch. Cornstarch is the best! I live in southern Texas, humidity is high all of the time and moisture is a problem but not with cornstarch!!!
I wish you all the best! I hope we can continue to learn from each other! Herpes is not the end of the world, just an inconvenience.

37 and has Herpes

So for those that just have contracted HSV-II, it may feel like it is the end of the world or that you are 'dirty'. I contracted it when I was 21 years old, I am 37 and married, and have two children, so I can tell goes on...16.7% or 1 in 6 adults have HSV-II, so you are in good company.

As for remedies, there are a few that have worked for me

(1) Vitamin C or Lysin
(2) Applying Black Cumin oil on an early break out
(3) Putting a cool tea bag on it for about 30 minutes, I read it some where and it works
(4) Keep your stress in check, it will definitely cause a breakout
(5) sorry on this one, but for me, keep your masturbation to a minimum, it causes friction to the skin and will cause a breakout

Something to consider is Herpes is a virus which resides in your spinal fluid, but presents itself as a sore. If you keep your immune system strong with exercise, eat healthy and keep your stress levels low, you will have a higher chance of not getting a breakout.

At one point I went over four years with no breakout but as I speak, I have a very mild breakout.

Lavender Oil is another one that helps...Good luck everyone, don't stress, because when your out at a grocery store or at a bar, every 7th person has Herpes.

Oh, BTW, I met my wife on a Herpes website 14 years ago, so I see it as a blessing.


I have had HSV 1 on my chin for about 5years. The first outbreak was monsterous. What I have found is that Abreva helps, it only coats the skin to prevent the virus from gaining access to the surrounding cells. I do use Valtrex at the first sign of an outbreak, this stops it in its tracks, with no fluid filled bubble forming. Then I found out about other topicals such as Releeve, this is really only benzalkonium chloride 0.33%. Benzalkonium chloride is an antiviral that kills the virus that is in the skin. So rubbing this into the affected area will stop my outbreak. I tried just benzalkonium chloride and no Valtrex and got the same result as the Valtrex. Now, Releeve costs upward of $19, but all you have to do is go and get some generic CVS version of Bactine it has the same benzalkonium chloride concentration as Releeve. I now use CVS's Pain Relieving Antiseptic Liqiud ( also comes in a spray)which also has Lidocane HCL in it. Works the same as Releeve and is only about $7 for a 4oz bottle of it.
Next, just last month I contracted HSV 1 on my anus from having someone perform anilingus on me, little did I know they had an active 'Cold Sore' hiding in his beard!!! So now I had the awful itching,tingling,and skin crawling. I feaked out. Well since I knew what I had, approached it like I di my HSV 1 on my face and these tactics worked as well. Since I already had the antibodies for the HSV 1this intial OB of GHSV1 was not very severe, I did have a 'slit', tear at my rectum that I used hydrogen perioxde on it and it healed in about 3days. SInce this is a new infection for me I don't know if I will have any other ob's or not...I am still experiencing some itching and tingling though.

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