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A few months ago I got told I had Genital Herpes. Worst day of my life. I feel like I have been itching ever since. I dont know what my mind is making up and what is really happening. I think about it every day and just when I try and get positive about the situation it hits me like a ton of bricks again.
This site is fantastic and really helps. I will be trying different ideas from this site. Thank you everyone.
Tea tree and witchhazel will be my first tries.
I would love someone in my similar situation to talk to. Im a 26 year old female. Sorry I know this isnt a forum for this but it would be great to chat to someone. Feel free to email me-
We will get through this..


I got diagnosed with genital herpes today. I'd been experiencing discomfort whilst urinating for about a week and I thought it may have been a UTI. Went to the doctor and they confirmed I had a UTI.
About two days ago I noticed a bump, thought it was an ingrown hair. The next day they had multiplied and some had ulcerated. I then realised it may be herpes. Went to the hospital today and they confirmed my suspicions.
Do NOT think that condoms protect you because I have never had unprotected sex.
I'm not mad at any of my previous sexual partners because it wasn't their fault, or mine.
I have been given prescriptions for panadeine forte for pain relief and Aclovir for treatment.
I've also been using some natural remedies that I applied to my shingles when I had them earlier in the year.
Lysine supplements, Aloe Vera (fresh plant, Black tea bag (applied once cooled down to the area) and 100% chamomile oil.
This is my first outbreak and I hope it never comes back because it is absolutely horrible.
My partner has been nothing but supportive which makes me extremely happy and I love him so much for it.


Colloidal sliver is the cure. Get a dropper bottle, soak some cotton balls and apply. It is the only thing on earth to kill a virus.

She Who Intoxicates!!!!

I have had this horrible disease since I was 17, I got it from my 2nd sexual partner who was cheating on me and quite abusive. So first I delt with all that bollox then about 2 years later I was seeing a guy I really fell for, it never seemed like the right time to tell him and I was extremely shy about it and my self esteem was really low, long story short I passed it on to him and even when confronted couldnt amit to it which ment I lost him, after years of beating myself up and getting angry and getting visit after visit after visit after visit from Harry (another one of my friends recently contracted it and because of my prior openness felt she could talk to me about it so we have been working together to find ways of keeping it at bey, we have also named it Harry which sounds much less scairy I envied her alot as she had someone else to talk to for me it was different i spent about a month in agony in the middle of exams and silence) until about two years ago (Im now 26) I got it every time I got a period (pads irritate the area), waxed, wore a thong, had sex or just because it felt like rearing its ugly liquid filled heads. Id had it up to my eyeballs and tried fuckin everything!!! I hav had no boyfriends only really one night stands or casual flings which generally I end at the begining of an outbreak. In the last year ive prob had it 7 times and it lasts about 5 days,I came travelling about 2 years ago and the outbreaks have dramaticly reduced in frequency so what has changed well harry and I we've bin together a while so Ive gotten used to his habbits, 1st my glands swell and i get a bit sniffly and feel like the world is shit,2nd I start to get an itchy bum/crack (thats mainly where i get it) and when you scratch the itch it stings this is how you know what it is the itch/scratch is a specific feeling, 3rd I have a cool shower and cover the whole area in CALENDULA cream its amazing at healing and if you put it on at the first tingle it sometimes doesnt even progress, keep it in your bag and reapply whenever needed tiger balm the cold one also amazing for the itch be brave it burns a bit at first whatever you do DONT use water if it burns too much use OIL. I tend to wear long skirts and no knickers to keep the area as airated as possible. then I go okay Im getting flu lik symptoms, treat it lik the flu-ginger and garlic boiled together for bout 10ish mins add honey and lime to taste, then I think okay the world is not shit its jus Harry trying to convince me it is, I go and do some excersise (swimming in the ocean is fantastic but swimming in general is really amazing it helps with the anxty feelings and takes your mind off it) then do something for you have a massage treat yourself to something nice you really want or just go and have some alone time in a nice place the other thing is make sure you keep occupied physically and mentally, listen to music anything you enjoy doing to boost your good feeling. Lastly these are the things I think help in everyday life, wear cotton knickers always, I use pure coconut oil allover my body (when you are still wet from the shower is best then pat yourself down with a towel) I eat pretty healthily and try to exercise also. But the biggest thing is to keep HAPPY and love yourself and your body even with Harry its your most valuable possetion. And when it comes to sexual partners, dont be scaired to have spontanious sex when not experiencing symptoms just be safe. Also I once told a guy and he was so relieved that I said it first!!!! The biggest tool for me in combatting this is my self esteem, it makes me eat well and look after my body, it makes me go okay I can tell potential partners (the first one is the hardest by far although its always a bit daunting) you just have to keep in mind that if they dont want to sleep with you because of this then thats okay you dont want someone else to be uncomfortable and if they make you feel uncomfortable then you dont need to be with someone like that anyway. Good Luck :)

stressed in need of relief

I found using peroxide helps; and a hair dryer to keep the area dry. My out breaks are worst when I get my period. Any suggestions in how to control vaginal discharge this seems to irratate me more and cause tingling and itching?


1 glass of buttermilk and 10 fish oil supplements with omega 3 fatty acid 1 hour before evening meal and 1 glass of buttermilk and 20 garlic supplements after evening meal works best for me you may want to start with half this amount according to body weight i weigh 300 pound and this works better than anything i have ever tried including lysine, tea tree oil, dmso, lemon balm, astragulus, valtrex, acyclovir, rubbing alchohol, peroxide internal food grade, external 3%, grapefruit seed extract, and about a one hundred other things i tried. this is by no means medical advice but works.


I'm 49, and came to find out I am HSV2 positive by a convoluted route. I had my first outbreak on my penis 2 years ago, and went to the Dr who tested for everything under the sun, all of which came back negative.

This led to a self diagnosis of allergic dermatitis. I then started trying to find out what the allergen was, changing soaps, detergents etc. My main issue is that after the blisters burst I would often get a bacterial infection which made the wound much worse.

I resorted to using tea tree oil on the blisters after they burst, which would dry them out, and prevent the bacterial infection.

Then I had a second outbreak start while still treating an older one, and I put tea tree oil on all of it, and the new outbreak never really developed.

Meanwhile my Dr appointment came around and they retested me, this time coming back as positive for HSV2. So without knowing it I had been successfully treating HSV2 with tea tree oil.

I then researched backwards and found research that found tea tree oil to be both an effective antibacterial AND antiviral agent. Ideal for those dark moist areas where we get our outbreaks! Also it has the benefits of being simple, available, cheap and easily portable.

It comes either neat or in a 'sensitive' 20% solution. The neat is marginally more effective, but also can irritate the skin.

I do not know how I came to have the virus as I have been in a series of monogamous relationships, but then I may have got it 10 years ago, as may my partner before that, or she may just be asymptomatic. My current partner has not yet been tested, but was totally accepting of my having the virus.

While finding I have HSV2 is shocking and worrying, for me there was at least the comfort that I now know what I have and how to treat it.


First and foremost, let me just say I thought my life was over when I was diagnosed with GH. I was in a serious relationship and my boyfriend at the time claims he didn't know he had it. Fast forward 3 years and I am now married to someone else and I have a beautiful healthy baby. Life goes on and you will find people who accept you. My husband never made me feel ashamed and never makes it a big deal. It is SO common. The worst part is just feeling embarrassed when having an outbreak and it's mostly just in my head.

I use witch hazel and it helps. Not big on antibiotics since I am breastfeeding. Why can't there be cures for these things? I only really get OB a few times a year and almost always when I get my period.


I have had genital herpes on and off for about 10 years, but not very often - maybe once a year. I usually just wait for it to go away, and don't treat it except for Epsom Salts Baths, and not wearing underwear. Nylon underwear and nylon tights will irritate the region enough to activate herpes. Tonight, I had an Epsom Salts bath, then applied some vitamin E oil from a capsule and waited an hour. I then removed the oil gently with toilet paper, and applied a full dropper's worth of Bach Rescue Remedy. Almost instantly I felt relief. I also took the Remedy internally at the same time. The pain which as I am sure you all know can be acute, has diminished with the application of the Bach Rescue Remedy. I am delighted, I never thought of it before, and it is already feeling so much better I had to share it with you! Try to eat well, and drink lots of water. Good luck, have fun in life! :-)


It's been almost 2 years and im 22 nw...since I've been diagnosed with genital herpes. I was devasted, lost, and suicidal.... I will never forget the look on my parents faces when they found out about it.. I was ashamed, I couldn't even look myself in the mirror...but my 2 sisters where always there and promised me to get through this dramatic time together... After I got through that rainy period in my life I found a site called quick clear! I was kinda skeptical about it but it's almost been a month and I don't have breakouts at allll!!!!!!!!!!! I make sure I take my valtrex in the morning and 2 quick clear pills 5 hours apart!!! I just want to let everyone know that although it's a long road ahead to get accustomed to having herpes... You can find love and still have a wonderful sex life!!!! If I got over this mountain you can too!!! I hope my advice helps and if u need someone to talk to I'll be here ask for my email....~monty~

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