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Remedy for genital herpes,raw garlic,ginger,lemon,carrot,apple and betroot juice.Use blender to crushed the all raw and drink a cup on an empty stomach


I'm 24 and a diabetic on an insulin pump, and just a few months ago found out I have herpes simplex 2, it's the worst thing you could ever go thru, the pain is unbearable even with pain meds, I have tried everything I could and still have yet to find something that actually works. A hot bath is bout the only thing that helps but once I dry off I'm miserable again. All the symptoms drive me absolutely crazy, the itching n tingling n burning omg. I take acyclovir and am on tylonol 3 and even take ultram 50mg, still no relief. I tried baking soda paste and never again will I do that it burned so bad I screamed. I'm to scared to try again, I don't handle pain very well and do not want to make it worse... I just wanted to share my story, it is embarrassing and makes life harder specially relationships, but I'm not alone in this battle and neaither are you. It's hard to deal with but eventually the symptoms go away. I wish u all the best and a speedy recovery.


I had my first GH outbreak nearly 3 weeks ago, being with a regular partner for 8 months who was clean I had no idea what it was. I unfortunately got wrongly diagnosed at the doctors, and by thinking I was treating something different, managed to spread the sores around my vagina. Knowing something was definitely not right, I went back to the doctor who then told me it was herpes. Like everybody else has said, I was devastated. That was 2 weeks ago, I got prescribed antiviral tablets & did some research. Salt baths, zinc supplements, vitamin E 200i.u & my antivirals seems to work a treat, and within 5 days I was down to just one sore which new skin was healing over. Woken up this morning to discover I'm on the verge of another outbreak - and due to go on holiday tomorrow with friends.
I've read of bee propolis but being from England, I'm finding it difficult to buy from anywhere, does anyone have any suggestions, or any other good remedies that are readily available?

After 3 weeks or so, I have nearly come to terms with it. I have told my parents, as I didn't want the stress of hiding it from them being 18 & livinf at home, my partner & 2 close friends. Talking about has helped, A LOT. It doesn't seem scary anymore, just annoying at the minute that I'm ill again! Some great posts on here that have given me more advice & like I said just wondered if anyone from England knows of any shops or sites I can get things off?!
Many thanks!


I have had herpes since 1998. I never really had problems with it until this year. I have started having outbreaks prior to every period. And now, after the period has ended I am having what seems to be a new set of symptoms every other day. It is like my body just won't heal from this. It is sad and disappointing. I am now arguing with my boyfriend all the time because he wants sex and I want to be pain free. I could care less about anything I just would like to be pain free. I am taking 1000 mg lysine several times a day. I am taking a mutivitamin High B potency. I am taking Zinc. I am taking Vitamin C. I am taking B12. I am taking Garlic for heart health. I promise I am taking so much so many different times a day and drinking water all the time. I am really stressed. I can't drink a Coke or sugar drinks or eat like I used to or eat chocolate. I am doing everything that it says to do and yet I am still have all symptoms. I am super stressed out. Any remedies you guys can offer would help.


I was raped and given genital herpes. My first outbreak was 2 days before my birthday and it sent me into the worst depression. But the bessst remedy for the painful lesions is to mix max strength neosporin and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour fragrance free cream. It doesn't last the full 8 hours, about 4 to 6. But it works and allows me to live during an outbreak.


Hi everyone! Umm.. I'm an 18 year old female. And, I was diagnosed with herpes a year ago.
I was just wondering if anyone else struggles as much as I do when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. When do you tell someone you have herpes? What time would be appropriate? First date? Isn't it wrong to have someone fall in love with you then drop this bomb on them? Maybe it's not wrong, but it seems pretty unfair.
Anyways.. my remedy is keeping your stress levels low. Herpes has not been as bad to me as I know it can be. I just hope one day there is a cure. & one day I'll be able to have a family.

Stay positive. Do your best to STAY POSITIVE.

holding out hope

I was diagnosed with hsv2 in December and I am currently on my fourth outbreak. I have been struggling with this emotionally and trying not to let it control my life, and this time I decided to get creative and smart and it had paid off.
I found a routine the helps, first you need Lysol ~ it says right on the bottle it kills the herpes simplex virus, you can also try my remedy mixture: Third cup water, soak two black tea bags over
night, then add 1000mg of lysine (crushed up tablet) and about a trunk (or leaf) of fresh real aloe Vera plant (the goo inside) and mix with a fork, if you USSR a spoon it won't mix the aloe well enough. Soak a cotton pad or paper towel in it and apply to the area, after cleaning the whole affected area with Lysol, the Lysol burns but it really helps clear it up faster...then apply the cotton pad with the remedy mixture and hold it directly in the sores for a few minutes. I do this twice a day and the mixture brings instant symptom relief of burning and itching and pain. My breakouts also clear up a lot faster and there is less constant discomfort. Give it a try it might work for you too, its done wonders for me. :)


Hi I'm 25 and I was diagnosed with genatal herpies at 18 not sure how I got it as I had only had two partners by that time and we had all tested negative before hand.anyways ive only had three outbreaks one being in the last week ive seen a lot of people talking about black seed oil and stuff what I was wondering was if anyone had tried garlic I tried it on my last outbreak 4pills a day two in the morning two at night and by the second day I saw a vast improvement.if anyone wants to test this out let me know if it worked for you.


Swipe area with LIDOCAINE every time before going pee to numb the pain


Hello, i am 46 years old and had GH for 20 years now.. I actually get it on my nose. I was reading forums about home treatment, and was intrigued when i read LYSOL works... So i decided to try it. Unreal, the outbreak doesn't even have a chance to break out..goes away in half the time.. I have used it now 3 times, and get the same fast relief.. The can reads right on it that it kills Herpes. Hmmmm. Who would have thunk it. Thank God i read it, and hope it works for you.. Oh,ALCOHOL and Stress is what make me have break outs.. Good luck All

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