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I am 58 and have had herpes since the mid seventies,(the fun years),i only get a breakout around the top of my bum near the base of my spine these days .When I can feel an outbreak coming on i take an acyclovir tablet and rub aloe vera gel on the area . This relieves the itch and pain instantly.I keep taking the acyclovir and rubbing aloe vera on for a few days until the sore and redness dissapears . The aloe vera gel is the trick to ease the pain .


Rubbing Alcohol; take a q-tip and submerge it into the alcohol and apply to area liberally. It will burn like hell but I promise you it will disappear in less than three days. But you will get relief right away. Also make sure you sleep without any undergarments on so the area can air out. And always wear 100% cotton underwear because the genital area needs to breathe. Ladies I know this is hard, but the thongs, nylons, and polyester has to go. From now on only cotton undies, it will reduce your outbreaks drastically. I've have herpes for 12 years and have maybe 2 outbreaks of maybe 2 days per year following these rules. Hope this helps!


Hey guys.. I found out about two months ago that I had this monster. It was the most excruciating experience I had so many sores plus a uti. The pain was so bad that when I was actually awake I was crying and couldn't find any sort of relief. Needless to say the actually medicine they prescribed didn't do a thing. Just recently I had a second OB and its not nearly as bad. I've been taking Epsom salt baths 2-3 times a day in the hottest water I can stand and afterward putting 100% tea tree oil on the sores. Tea tree oil numbs it so I can actually move around AND it's by yesterday (day 3) I barely felt them.
Reading what people have written I. Here has helped me a lot. It's so strange that this is so common yet it makes you feel so isolated. When I got the commfirmation call, I was almost catatonic. It made me feel gross and horrible about myself. But reading this makes it more bearable knowing that people have overcome it and don't let it ruin their outlook on anything. There is a lot of useful stuff on here too, so thanks for everything!


I am 19 and I just found out this morning I had herpes. Went to urgent care and found out after three days of having sores. I am afraid to try anything because it hurts to take a bath even. I got enough courage to try baking soda, made it into a paste and put it on my affected area. And it was the worst pain of my life. I couldn't get to the shower fast enough to get it off. In the past i used tree oil for acne on my face and I remember that burns. But I need something to work hopefully not something that will cause so much pain that I have to bail before it even gets a chance to work. These posts have been helpful to know I'm not alone in this. I cry my self to sleep most nights because I feel disgusting. It looks nasty, smells horrid, and I would rather get a tattoo down there everyday then have these sores.
I have been on acyclovir for almost a day now and they are spreading. I got proscribed Vicodin as well and it doesn't do a thing.
Another issue I am having is after I manage to take a bath I get out and fan the area because it soothes the pain but discharge or something causes it to get wet down there then causes unbearable pain. Help me please.. I don't know what to do at this point.


Tylenol pm and abreva mixed with just a little water to make a paste. Apply morning and at bedtime to break out.


My remedy reduces the pain to a minimum low... Everyone I can I get a maxi paid some pain spray and pour powder every where down that area . Then I wear my pants really really tight. I think the powder drys out the discharge. Well hope I helped. I really really do .


I got diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 four weeks ago from a blood test. I get tested for stds once a year and I will admit I could have been more careful this year with using protection. I have been between boyfriends and when I finally developed trust we had unprotected sex. That was my only reason behind getting tested this year. Other than that I've never had any symptoms of an std and still never had an outbreak. I questioned weather or not the blood test could be a false positive. I did ALOT of research on std testing for herpes and found out the the CDC does not recommend getting tested for herpes through a blood test because alot of tests are incorrect. These tests look for antibodies that fight the herpes 2 virus. A score below a 0.9 is negative and means you don't have herpes. Anything above 1.1 is a positive. However, some experts say anything lower then a 3.5 is a low positive and getting retested is recommended. Anything above a 3.5 is a high positive and the chances of you having herpes is greater. My results were a high 3.10. My doctor prescribed valtrex for me and sent me on my way. I'm not taking the valtrex because it surpresses the immune system. A week later, I went to a herbalist in Philadelphia to see if he knew of anything that stopped herpes breakouts naturally. He retested me with a different test and did not find herpes simplex 1 or 2, but found bartholinitis and an std called LGV, which is not common in the U.S. so it is not tested for on a standord std blood test by the U.S. government. LGV is a form of chlamydia trachomatis. It may not show up as chalmydia. In the U.S. there are less then 1,000 cases of this diesese but it has been reported. Unlike herpes it is curable. My herbalist said it can be mistaking as herpes simplex 2 on an antibody test. He gave me a 14 day medicine for both bartholinitis and LGV. After I take the medice he dared me to go get retested by my gyn and gaureenteed me that my test will come up negative for herpes. So that's what I will do and I will keep everyone posted on my results. I strongly encourage everyone to find out what their level of antibodies were and get retested. Or see either an herbalist or a homeopathic doctor in your area. Too many people are misdiagnosed and don't realize it. I do not trust every test out there. And if there are cures out there for herpes, aids, cancer, diabetes, ect., big pharmacy companies are keeping it a secret. Good luck to all of you and ill keep you updated!


My first outbreak was horrendous after getting wrongly diagnosed & suffering with the pain for almost 3 weeks.

This is my second out break & thankfully I noticed it early, I take antiviral tablets prescribed by the doctor. Also, paracetamol or ibruprofen.
I bathe in warm/hot salt water 3x a day, 1 tablespoon to every pint. I use cotton pads, and press it on once, never rub or double dip the cotton pad into the water.
Then put neat tea tree oil on a cotton pad & dab it on. And then dry myself either in front of a fan or with a hair dryer on either cool/warm setting.
I've found this has calmed the outbreak a lot, and considering my 1st outbreak lasted weeks, this calmed down after 24 hours!!
Since my first outbreak I have started taking herbal tablets such as L-Lysine, Vitamin E and zinc supplements which have been recommended to me.
I also try to stay stress free by speaking to my partner & mother!

Hope this helps

leah mary

Chaga dry mushrooms finely ground to a power (must be very fine). Then mix with just a little water to make a paste. Apply to sores directly . i was trying everything to relive the pain this helped as soon as it made contact with lesions. I'm not a doc or anything but i heard a thing or two about how good chaga mushroom is for building the immune systeme fighting viruses and bacteria and is an antioxidant and much more!! Loook it up but you can trust me it freaking cures everything!


My best remedy to stop the pain was probably vagisil and warm baths.

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