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I am currently experiencing my first outbreak of GH. It came as a huge shock. I saw my gyno today and she confirmed diagnosis. She took swabs and sent me for blood work to confirm if HSV 1 or 2. I am completely distraught as I am sure anyone would be once they receive this news. My gyno said she is most certain it was given to me by my new partner that I have been with for about 1 month. I was wondering if anyone here has experience that they have had this in their system for some time and never knew about it? I have had blood work done for this before and it came back clear, probably within the last 3 years. My doc said based on presentation, pain, and amount of sores that this is a new infection, just recently contracted. I have not told my partner all the details yet but he plans on getting tested as soon as he can.

I have read many of these remedies and tried tea tree oil with no success. I also tried the salt bath which seemed to resolve symptoms until I went in the shower. I bought some Lysine today and took 2000mg, and will continue to do that. I also got Vitamin C and Zinc. My doc prescribed Valtrex and lidocaine gel. I hope that the Valtrex kicks in soon and starts to clear this up.

If anyone has any resources or advice on maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with someone after this I would greatly appreciate the advice.

Also my doctor said I could get up to an additional 4 outbreaks in the next year. Has this happened to many of you? What are some of the best methods to stay outbreak free?

Thank you, and thank you for this website.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE IF YOU HAVE THIS!! I am a pre-medical student, and I can tell you for a fact that the percentage of people who have genital herpes is far greater than reported (I suspected ~40%). It is something that is heavily stigmatized, however this STD is more of a random annoyance than true threat to your health (unlike other diseases that are spread around out there). Sometimes I'm thankful that its the only thing I got from my ex, who lied to me about being clean and then infected me.

Anyways, do not hesitate to go to your doctor an get an RX for Valtrex, it works wonders and very quickly. If you can't afford it, stick to lysine, clean undies, and soaking in a bath of epsom salts. Also, ibuprofen takes away almost all pain! Your outbreak will last longer, antivirals shorten the outbreak time by stopping the virus from replicating.

For those of you who are afraid to tell your partners - do not be!!! If they love you, nothing will change, and they will understand/support you completely. If you love them, then you should tell them! It is something that they will appreciate your honesty and bravery, thousands of people lie to their partners and that's why this STD and many others spread like wildfire.

At first after I told my current boyfriend, we always used protection. Eventually I got an IUD and now I'm just very honest about whether or not I'm experiencing symptoms. Its been 3 years and he's never had any symptoms - he is not disgusted by me and does not judge me anyway.

This disease should not hamper your quality of life - you have every right to feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable! Take care of yourself and read a lot of support forums.

Take care. XOXO


I found out a couple of months ago that I have GH. I do not have insurance, so I had gone to the emergency room after the pain and sores got so bad I couldn't take it. It only took a week. I was lucky enough on my SECOND emergency room visit to get a doctor that included refills on my prescription of Acyclovir. My issue is that every time I finish a ten day course, I have an outbreak again! I do everything I'm supposed to do, I haven't had any sex of any kind since I first presented with symptoms. I wear loose fitting cotton clothing, I have always been very particular about feminine hygiene, I don't smoke, I stopped drinking completely, I take Echinacea every day, but it never fails a few days after I finish a course of pills, I'm in agony. I started another ten day course today and I have ONE refill left and then I have no idea what I'm going to do. Going to the emergency room every time I run out is just putting me another $400 in debt per visit. I never thought this would happen to me, but now I need to figure out how to deal with it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, in advance.


Hello, I'm 24 years old and I was diognosed with Herpes simplex 1&2 in Feburary of this year. I always had a worried feeling that I had something. Though, I had never had an OB before. When I found out as all of you were I was devestated! There was no way I could bring mysel to tell anyone and was all alone in my battle. Until I started googling the virus. When I came cross the medicine Valtrex I knew I had seen it before.... And I had... In my mothers medicine cabinet. So of course I battled with the thought of her passing it to me during birth. I wanted to blame someone, anyone, how could this happen to me? Why did it have to be a permanent STD.
I decided I needed to confront my mother... She admitted to having it way before she ever gave birth to me. Still uncertain wether it was transfer from her or from having unprotected sex.
Anyways it was about 4 months ago 6 months after being diagnosed that I met a guy. I tried my hardest not to get attached to him because I knew he wouldn't approved of my condition, to be honest I wouldn't have either before I found out. So one night I got drunk and poured my heart out. Turns out he didn't care, he wanted me and accepted all of me, good or bad. We are together and practice safe sex to this day! He and my mother and the only two people that know.

I had never had a breakout before so I guess in my mind I still thought maybe just maybe I don't have it. Maybe the tests were wrong! Maybe my sample was mixed up! Something anything but the truth.... The truth being that I am positive for both and I'm experiencing my first break out vaginaly.... It's the most horrific feeling in the world to sit in a room full of people while you try to smile and you are in so much pain and you just wanna scratch your vagina off...
Now my problem is I work off shore... So I am away from home & doctors for 8 months a year. I go to work for 28 days and then I'm home 14. The problem is I'm going through my first OB and it's my first week of work.. I have 3 weeks left and no way of going to the doctor for a prescription. Not to mention my job causes my to have to wear pants 12 hours a day and a lot of moving around and hard work. A LOT OF IRRITATION GOING ON DOWN THERE! I'm driving myself insane trying not to freak out when I have a sudden urge to scratch it or a burning pain.
I need help people, serious help. I can't go three more weeks like this... Seriously, I'll jump ship. Hey! There is an idea! Maybe the saltwater will help!! :-/

I kinda made my own little mix of things. I used my at home remedy for acne... Dries it out, cools it down, and it doesn't itch! (That's the 12 hours I'm not sweating my lady parts off!)

coffee grounds
Organic all natural honey
Ground oatmeal
Organic apple cider vinegar
Baking soda

I know it sounds crazy but trust me.
Just make a paste and then put it on your goodies and if you're having an ache breakout out slab some of it on there too!

Let me know if this helps!
Also a little word of advice to people who think no one will accept you now. Don't think that. You'll know if someone cares enough to accept you, in any condition!


When you get a cut or laceration, you have to clean it. It only makes sense that when you have a open herpes sore to clean it. I use rubbing alcohol. If it burns, then its working in my opinion. I have not been on any herpes medication, because they're all in my opinion shit. With or without the medication the healing time is typically the same. However when I use rubbing alcohol , it does heal quite quickly. The only downside is the intense burning for a short period. Honestly the pain shouldn't be a problem anyone that has outbreaks know you have to be a tough MF. Honestly until these freaking medical companies stop being money hungry and release the cure, which honestly they will not do, just use alcohol and shower daily.


I don't have a remedy but it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I was told I had herpes a year and a half ago, at only 14 I was still a virgin and had only had the two sexual partners. Both only oral. However I didn't even know what herpes was until I woke up one day in so much pain I couldn't move. I cried for days on end,with the nobody knows I have this except a few people, I was lucky enough to be accepted by someone after this and when I explain everything to them they were very understanding, I had a healthy relationship with my ex boyfriend and we always made sure we were protected while having sex. I find it so hard to speak to other boys now though as I'm so self conscience of what might happen, I have lost a lot of confidence but I think it is important to keep smiling. Things can only get better x


I've had herpes for 3 years now and the outbreaks were horrible at first but I've looked up many different things and thought I would share and hopefully they help as they have helped me...well I would soak in a hot tub with some Epson salt in it and that helped soothe the discomfort also ice has helped with any itching that may occur but what mainly helped me and I haven't had an outbreak since I've been using it u can go to herpes herpes and check it out ...I'm telling u these pills work u just have to take them once every day but they really do work I haven't had an outbreak since I've been takeing them ...hope this was some help :-)


I was diagnosed with genital herpes 2 years ago, being only 17 years old & having only 1 oral sexual partner, I felt my whole world come crashing down when I finally found out the news. It started out as what seemed to be a bladder and bacterial infection, when the doctor told me she was testing for Herpes Simplex I didn't even think twice about it, I mean why would I have? I was still a virgin, I had only had oral sex with one person, my first love. When my doctor told me I had GH, I didn't believe it or even understand. I was so confused and I was in shock. How could this be happening to me? After the doctors I cried all the way to my boyfriend's house, when I got there it took me awhile but I finally told him. Looking back on it I feel so stupid, I remember being scared to tell him because I was worried he would think I was disgusting when HE was the one who gave it to me. He did unknowingly give it to me, but I was so naive about the situation. I just couldn't come to terms with the situation, I refused to accept it. My breakouts were so terrible and painful that i eventually had to start talking Valcyclovir, currently I am taking 1 gram tablets a day and it works most of the time. It took me 2 years to tell my mother, I was ashamed and hurt. She was very supportive and accepting, even admitting that she already had a feeling due to my prescriptions. I use tea tree oil to treat my break outs & it works most of the time but it can be very uncomfortable, a sort of stinging sensation. For a long time I have felt disgusted with myself, everyday I have to carry this awful secret inside me. The only two people who know are my ex boyfriend & my mom. I just feel like nobody will ever want me, it is so hard being 19 years old and having to worry about finding someone who will be accepting and non judgemental of you. I didnt choose this and I wish I could go back in time and be smarter about protecting myself. It is difficult living day to day with GH, knowing I will have it for the rest of my life. Some days are good & some are bad, it would be nice to know I'm not alone in feeling like this.I just wanted to write this to reach out to other young people with GH. I wish I had been more proactive when I first found out but I was so young & so scared that I just pretended it didnt exist. If you are young and this happened to you, it is going to be okay. Although it will never go away, Things eventually get better.


I alternate topical treatments between oreganol oil capsules (must be the highest concentration which is not cheap), tea trea oil and witch hazel to the affected area several times a day. Depending on the location of the outbreak I may have to dilute the solution as to not irritate the mucous membranes. I can expect about 5 days for clear up for a mild to moderate outbreak.


My son is two and has had herpes simplex 2 since he was three months old he gets it on his nose and he has had it a lot every time he falls and hits his nose, every time he gets a cut on his nose or even when he gets a cold. It hurts me to see him with this I cry everytime he gets it. I myself do not have it. He had a cut on his nose and my mom kissed him she has breakouts on her nose just like he does. He has had it about 12 time's and has been on acyclovir on and off since he was three months now he is on it as a preventive medicine my insurance ended yesterday and he broke out with it today and im out of medicine.:( does anyone have any idea what I could use on him being its on his nose and close to his eyes?

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