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HSV- I have had both oral and genital. (verified by VA doctor). Three thousand (3000) mgs of lysine will pretty much curtail any oral sores over 2-3 days. (stop caffeine during treatment).
Genital- A few people have noted the effects of Oil of Oregano. IT WILL KILL THE VIRUS if applied judiciously and consistently over weeks. Dilute in olive oil (some tinctures come in olive oil already). Apply drops under tongue, at small of back, and rub oil on genitals (diluted as it will sting if too concentrated).


Vitamin E capsules. Break them n apply daily when an outbreak occurs. Clean area with alcohol and cotton swab first.

Take capsules orally as well.

Vitamin E STOPS the blisters from multiplying.

Consult your physician prior to following my suggestion please.


I have had herpes for about 25years, not sure if it was a summer fling or a new boyfriend, some months later but got my first outbreak when using sunbeds, so not sure if it was lying dorment and the beds triggered it cause my boyfriend said he did not have it! So over the years ive found that eating good food and not getting run down, keep daily hygiene in the area,dont sit for a long time in wet pants, use the cream as soon as you feel an outbreak, I get a nerve pain down my leg and i know im gonna have an attack, salt baths and tea tree in the bath or a few drops on the attected are, the out breaks get less as the years go on and not even a quater as painful as the first attack just a bit of irritation for a few days!


Hot baths always are a sense of relief (if only temporary) from the horrible itchyness and pain, especially when the sores open up. Sometimes ill get the water so hot, I have to place my feet up on the ledge in kind of an akward curled up position so that only my vagina and butt are in the water. Ive had hsv 2 for 5 years. I am currently experiencing a particularly serious OB and have bought tee tree oil, l lyseine tablets and regular otc cold sore treatment. Vagasil and other itch relief/ numbing ointmenta in the past has helped, but not once the blisters are opened because it stings. Ive read on here to do rubbing alcohol and I thinm youvevgot to have a serious pain tolerance to do that, i tried baking soda once and was screaming and crying in pain from it getting in the sores. I havent tried it but hydrogen peroxide I bet would be a LITTLE better.


After being on this site for the past few hours, I find a new sense of comfort knowing I am not alone. I have been suffering with hsv2 for almost 6 years now. My ex boyfriend gave it to me through oral sex when I was 16. The first OB was the most excrutiating pain I have ever encountered with upwards or 30+ blisters on every inch of my vagina. I hated him so much for giving it to me, as he continually told me it wasnt his fault and that he didnt give it to me, despite having cold sores all of his life. I was young and didnt know they could be contracted that way. Since then I have given it to 2 partners. The grief I go through knowing that I have put not just one person, but two people I loved through dealing with the same thing as me for the rest of their lives in unbearable. Despite taking the usual prescriptions, I still had horrible outbreaks. The last two years I had stopped taking the medications because I hadnt had any outbreaks. Two days ago I had an OB again. I didnt even think thats what it was. It started as a cut like blister, and I thought maybe i was too dry down there. I definitely should have known better by now. I have maybe 20 blisters some open some just bumps and have been in horrible pain, and my hip glands are so swollen and sore too. Ive just laying in bed and taking lots of baths. Finally, after reading on this site I went and bought L-lysine tablets, tea tree oil, and a cold sore treatment gel. Oh my god, these are a godsend. Tea tree oil feels like this cooling relief of heaven, no more itch, no more pain. Mixed with the cold sore treatment wow I feel so much better. I just have to say, i cried and cried my eyes out all last night from all of the stories I read. Life can be so messed up sometimes....

Michael Lynn

Azzurx is a product that has 4 all natural active incredients:

Mellissa Officinali-Mellissa Leaf
Thuja Occidentalis-Northern white-cedar]
Geranium Maculatum-Spotted Geranium
Calendula Officinalis-Pot Marigold

These are just the active incredients. There are several other natural ingredients you can find a list of all of them on their website. Just do a search for Azzurx and you will find it.

This is not only a great home remedy but a great remedy you can take with you anywhere.

I have been dealing with this nasty disease for a couple of years and found out nothing helps me prevent a outbreak Completely if I am stressing. So stress is causing them, but when it comes I can feel a tingle or itch sensation. When that happens I take bee pollen vitamins and drink aloe Vera juice. or put apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil or witch hazel on the area. Apply either or on a cotton swab, apply it to the area and change it 3 to 4 times a day. It will not come. Or if it has came, take a warm bath first and soak a half an hr than apply tea tree not use apple cider vinegar on open soar bc it will burn... it does heal it faster but burns... just use aloe Vera juice it works wonders... aloe Vera juice, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and witch hazel speeds the healing process up in one day.... keep drinking water and stay away from spicy foods...


Fast Herpes Healing Remedy- As soon as you feel the tingling- start applying the acetone. Hold it on the area that feels the most tender and reapply a couple of hours later. It works better and faster than anything I have ever tried. Also- I found a way to prevent any spreading- which after applying the acetone (and especially if there is open blisters) I took a dab of super glue and just put a couple of tiny drops right on the blister. Amazing fast results....


I am 19 I was Diagnosed 5 years ago. I was raped when I was 14 and have had this ever since. I don't know if I ever get used to out breaks but I do find the bathing in baking sioda helps with the pain and swelling. Just wanted you all to kmow.


I am currently experiencing my first outbreak of GH. It came as a huge shock. I saw my gyno today and she confirmed diagnosis. She took swabs and sent me for blood work to confirm if HSV 1 or 2. I am completely distraught as I am sure anyone would be once they receive this news. My gyno said she is most certain it was given to me by my new partner that I have been with for about 1 month. I was wondering if anyone here has experience that they have had this in their system for some time and never knew about it? I have had blood work done for this before and it came back clear, probably within the last 3 years. My doc said based on presentation, pain, and amount of sores that this is a new infection, just recently contracted. I have not told my partner all the details yet but he plans on getting tested as soon as he can.

I have read many of these remedies and tried tea tree oil with no success. I also tried the salt bath which seemed to resolve symptoms until I went in the shower. I bought some Lysine today and took 2000mg, and will continue to do that. I also got Vitamin C and Zinc. My doc prescribed Valtrex and lidocaine gel. I hope that the Valtrex kicks in soon and starts to clear this up.

If anyone has any resources or advice on maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with someone after this I would greatly appreciate the advice.

Also my doctor said I could get up to an additional 4 outbreaks in the next year. Has this happened to many of you? What are some of the best methods to stay outbreak free?

Thank you, and thank you for this website.

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