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32 Home Remedies for Allergies


Many of you may have read that local honey can cure your allergies. I can confirm this worked for me. And I mean REALLY worked.

I had horrible allergies throughout my entire life. I couldn't lay on a lawn or even drive with the windows rolled down in the spring time. And I really dreaded spring time, because it meant misery.

Anyways, I started using honey in my mid 30's as part of a weight training program. I was using it for a quick carb boost for 2 years daily. I didn't even use the local honey...I just bought honey.

After about 2 years of this, my allergies went away almost completely. Spring is quite enjoyable now, and I'm still allergy free 4 years later. And yes....I still eat that honey.

It's not an instant cure, but I highly recommend it to anyone with the willpower to wait a few years for results.


Like an estimated 70% of people*, I'm lactose intolerant. Technically, not an allergy, but incredibly painful nonetheless.
What I've found works best is simple and tasty: yogurt. I'll eat a bowl in the morning and be OK to eat moderate amounts of dairy throughout the day. It even helps after I've eaten cheese and the pain kicks in.
As for other remedies: Lactaid pills are expensive and in my experience don't work as well. As for acidophilus pills: see Lactaid. Good old organic lowfat yogurt mixed with a little maple syrup is my weapon of choice against lactose.
*- this estimate comes from wikipedia


I have allergies that cause me to have watery eyes, violent sneezing, and tiredness. Someone recommended to me to try burning effusion lamps in my house to rid the air of a lot of common allergy problems. Sounds like a con, but it really works. The lamps are very pretty and the oil makes your whole house smell heavenly. They can be pricey but they are well worth it.

Ian Thorpe

If your child is allergic to Chlorine the only thing you can do is get them to gradually start swimming in a pool. Take them and make them do swimming lessons and after awhile the allergy goes away. Get their bodies used to the chlorine. My mum did it for me!


Ear Candling,I started to make Ear Candles, a hollow cone that you light and the smoke goes into the ear and breaks up any impaction and stimulated the lymphatic system to drain. It helps with allergies, migraine, headaches, sinuses,kokopellisearcandling


1 teaspoon of local honey. The honey be local honey not store bought. You can usually find it at your herbal or natural stores. My son had horrible allergies, throwing up every morning. Started giving him 1 teaspoon of honey for 3 weeks and it has been months and he has been allergy free and feels excellent. Mother of a beautiful 5 yr old son. This works pls try it.


Take parsley and bee pollen.


Make an eyewash from goldenseal or eyebright teas. Once the tea has cooled, put in a dropper bottle and apply to irritated eyes.


Take pantothenic acid, vitamin C, and dolomite supplements.


Avoid dairy products, foods rich in sugar, and refined foods.

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