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Coffee. It works in a pinch and you can't get allergy tabs or the things listed. But again it should only be used when you have nothing else because it only lasts as long as the stimulant in the cup of coffee. I found it takes the aches and pains away as well as the foggy brain feeling so at least you can function for a few hours till you can go curl up and rest it off


allergy selftreatment

I developed PPD allergy when I was 22 years old after 4 years of hair dyeing on black. (I am male ginger and I don't like my natural hair colour).
Once you develop allergy, nothing would help. My scalp became itchy more and more and I started loosing hair. I was researching and after a year I found another

solution, indigo - indigofera tinctoria.

Due to my natural hair on which indigo did't adhere well I had to dye my hair every 10 days. I used pure indigofera tinctoria with destilled water heated to 60

degrees and with non-iodic salt on extra-clean hair.

After a year, suddenly the same thing happened as it happened when I was using chemical dye. My scalp became itchy more and more from week to week until my hair

started to fall out again. I was very depressed. Indigo also can not be removed entirely from hair. Finely I had to shave myself to avoid any further itching and

redness of my scalp. Once you develop allergy on indigo it is there. I tried to dye just a patch of my hair after a year and allergy was still there.

However, I hated my ginger hairs and started to explore again. Tried also dyeing with walnut shells with the same allergy again. I didn't dye my hair for 2 years and

even with no dying on my hair, slight allergy was developed every few months. I had very sensitive scalp and had to forget on any dyeing.

Nobody know how frustrating all that was. Not only I lost part of my hair during allergy reaction (for which I did'nt know they will grow back), I also didn't feel

well with my ginger colour of hair.

But I didn't gave up. after two years I found that allergy can be treated with allergen injections but was very expensive in Slovenia.

It sounds strange what I did (I was very desperate), but it helped.
I red that if you raise your alergen level in your blood, the body would stops reaction!!!

Indigofera tinctoria is a natural plant used also for healing in traditional medicine, nontoxic to human body.
I again partly dyed my hair (on the back, so I was able to cut them at allergy reaction)

I sniffed indigofera tinctoria powder through my nose, two times a day for a month. The taste was not very pleasant but alergen absorbes trough mucous membrane

(doesnt come to lungs).

After first sniff, itching on the back stopped. But developed again. I sniffed a small amount of pure indigofera tinctoria powder when itching started. After I month

I overcame an allergy and was able to dye all of my hair with no itching or hair falling out.

I was very happy with my experiment, but I didn't wan't to share with anyone because one might think I am giving hazardous advices.
I know well how frustrating itchy scalp and allergy can be and it was nothing compared to slight risk of indigofera toxicity (I did'n found any bad effect).

I don't encourage anyone to do the same as I did. One should get allergen injections under medical supervise if develope allergy on all hair dies but still doesn't

want to give up hair dyeing.

After your body stops reaction on allergen, it is permanent solution. Now I have been using indigo on my hair for 5 years without any reaction. My hair grew back.

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Boil 1/2tsp. turmeric powder in a glass of milk, add sugar as required,and drink it bearably hot to overcome food allergies immedietly especially hives. Drink lots of warm water as follow up.


MSM. I am 41 and all of a sudden came down with Allergies. What The?? Could not understand why. It was bad though...every single day my throat felt awful. Some days felt like lumps in my throat..other days felt like sores in there. Different spots were irritated. Got on Allergy meds with about half relief...then a Friend of mine turned me on to MSM. I take 4 1000 mg Capsules daily and all Allery symptoms are gone. My Skin is also soft like it was when i was younger. My Husband actually noticed this before me. MSM is also good for Diabetes, COPD, Depression. My Depression and mind Clarity has been changed drastically. I'm telling you this stuff is awesome and I got 200 Capsules for $12.00 That is dirt cheap folks. Look up what this stuff does!! Natures Way MSM is very good and very cheap!!


hey ron benifield? how are we supposed to clean our inner organs? my advice bendedril, everyone uses it in my family and it works!

Franklin Gruber Chiari

Gruber`s Jungle Oil for Massive Sandfly Attacks. Has many other uses, google Gruber`s Jungle Oil. For sandflies quickly repels and also removes the itch, allergy and poisons.


For my allergies, the only thing that relieves me of being miserable come springtime is my betti neti pot. its amazing what a little salt and warm water can do! plus its pretty enough to sit on my counter so i use it everyday!

Ron Benefield

Allergies are a sign of a dirty colon and a liver backed up with toxins.Cleanse the liver and cleanse the colon and the allergies will go away. Maybe not right away but over time.


I have VERY bad nasal allergies durring the spring time, i get so congested and im blowing my nose constantly.

boil water in a pot with salt in it, untill its steaming, put your head over the pot with a towl over your head, and breath the steam in, it clears out your nose for a long time.


I had terrible allergies and I totally revamped my diet. Avoid inflammatory foods like meat, eggs and dairy. Try tempeh, beans,raw veggies. Take a buffered Vitamin C supplement every day. Also, Quercetin and Grape Seed Extract are supposedly good.

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