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Im a 21 year old gay male, suffering from anal warts.

As I first found out I had anal warts, the doctor said they appeared quite large and did not want to try freezing or creams. He wanted me to have them surgically removed.

No way I could afford that, or stand the embarrassment.

I read up a bit and started taking vitamins hoping that my body would begin to fight off the virus quicker.

Unfortunately just doing the vitamins wasnt helping a whole lot, so I progressed to using Apple Cider Vinegar.

I tried this method at first but found keeping ACV soaked gauze pads tucked up there was quite uncomfortable and resulted in burning my skin more than the warts.

So I quite my treatment. For a few weeks they only got worse. Then I tried a slightly different approach.

First I went to the store and bought to following:
-Centrum A-Z mulitivitamin
-Vitamin B-12
-Vitamin E pills
-Vitam E skin oil
-Vitamin D
-Compound W Wart freezing tool.
-Large bottle of aspirin
-Apple Cider Vinegar
-I also ordered two different types of elderberry supplements on line but havent received them yet.

First, I froze the warts. I had about 5 really large ones and several smaller ones. The directions said to do them one at a time, but I took a super aggressive approach and froze every one of them. Using about 4 of the 8 treatments that came with it.

Immediately after freezing, I ground up several aspirin tablets with ACV to make a paste. The paste applied much better to the warts and kept me from burning other areas of the skin.

I applied this 6 or more times a day. Always trying to keep a good coat of it on the warts.

Within 1 day, they warts had turned hard and black. By day two some of them were breaking up and falling apart.

Now only the oldest and largest still have remnants left. Im quite confident that keeping up the treatment I'm doing will get rid of them the rest of the way.

My confidence is quickly returning and I'm so happy to finally be getting rid of such an embarrassing problem.

I plan on continuing all of my daily vitamins, plus the elderberry extract for several months in order to help fend of the virus. Who knows, perhaps I can drive it in to deep remissions and never have to worry about it again.

If they do reappear though, I will use this same method. I'm confident that now that I'm armed with this, that if I attack them at the first signs that they are appearing, it will be simple to keep up with them. Whereas I let them grow unchecked for almost a month before I attacked them.

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Your story sounds exactly like mine! I've been suffering through this for 3 months now. I had let them become huge thinking that the Garlic Capsules I was taking were 'pushing the virus' out. I had to come to the realization that I was very wrong. I've done a lot of the home remedies on here, but am now doing the freezing, then covering them in Castor Oil. I've had a lot of the larger ones falling off and most of the small ones are gone. It may not have been a good idea but I've also used the Compound W Gel, which sticks to them really well, but does burn like heck in the wrong places. It dried a lot of them out in 1 day. If I don't see more results from my current regiment then I will probably try the paste method you've said. Good luck to us both!!!


A short update:

After my intensive battle with the large ones I was pretty irritated so I allowed myself to completely heal. I took 3 or 4 days off of the vinegar/aspirin mix and started just applying the topical vitamin E.

Everything healed nicely, but I noticed that in the places where the oldest and largest ones were the skin was still 'contaminated'

Its was nice not having large anal warts, but im determined to try to get rid of all all traces.

I'm hoping that if I can get rid of all of all the infected skin that they wont resurface.

So the last 2 days I've gone back to the aspirin paste method.

Its working like last time, though it seems to be much slower (without the freezing helping).

Since there are no actual 'warts' im just applying it liberally to the entire area, which can be quite painful, but im desperate to get rid of all traces.

Everything is turning black again, which is a good sign, but I am noticing that other areas are still becoming infected again.

With luck I can keep up with it and get it knocked down. At the very least, I no longer have large warts sticking out...

Been several weeks on the vitamins and immune boosting. Looks like I'll be in it for the long haul. I've read that in a many cases the virus is forced into severe isolation within two years... hopefully it wont take that long for me...


Damn i tried the paste and it really hurts :(

i was only able to keep it on for about 30 min before i was exhausted from the pain.

the warts have lost their color for now and im hoping that they dont heal back.

i couldnt imagine putting just a cotton pad of acv but ill see what happens with the ones that seem to be dieing and if not the i guess ill have to try to keep the paste on longer :S

lol wish me luck


I found that when they were larger it did not hurt at all.

Then after they all feel off and I was applying it to just infected layers of skin it hurt terribly because I was damaging healthy skin also.

I'm not sure how to proceed from here. I cant seem to get rid of all of the infected areas because it gets so irritating after a few days of treatment.

Anyone have any suggestions on a way to remain infected layers of skin without much pain?

Maybe castor oil?


When you need a mild treatment do this:

15 min warm soak
apply vitimain e and garlic oil
cover 8hrs repeat

This worked for me and I can treat healthy skin to prevent outbreaks.
It took 4-5 days to for the warts to begin to die.


I'm sorry you have had such a hard time with this. I also suffered from the same issue but my AGW were actually in my anus. I under went surgery were they lazored off the pulps inside. It was extremely expensive, about 25k but with insurance it cost me about 2,000. I still have issues once in a while but I feel if you can afford it the doctor should just remove as many as possible.

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