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Mrs. G

I came across this site about three weeks ago. I have a female pit named Diamond, who started with these crusty spots with hair loss. There were a few in the beginning and then all of sudden, her whole body was covered with the spots and significant hair loss. I tried the peroxide and Borax mixture, but made it more watery (diluted) so she would not vomit. After one application, her skin dried out and looked like a bad case of dandruff. After one week her hair had started to regrow and now after three weeks her coat is so thick and shiny. She is a year old and I have never seen her coat look so thick and full. The peroxide and Borax really does work. P.S.--You can make it more watery, I filled up a bucket and poured the solution all over her. She never vomited and is a pretty girl now. Thanks a million for your help. Mrs. G.

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I have cured mange with garlic. Poke a hole in the tablet and put it in some wet food every day. Odorless garlic works best. Garlic will also kill worms. The vet will tell you NO to garlic but it works wonders and it's cheap. We've rescued sick kittens and gave them garlic and infections in the eyes went away. Goat milk helps coat the stomach.

Sue Storey

I found the site that suggested peroxide and borax for mange. I am confuded about the borax. Is it the laundry booster, Borax, that you use, or is there something else that is called Borax? Thanks Sue


How many times a week for how long did you give your dog a bath with this product. This reason im asking is because i have a pitbull as well.And i found your advice the most helpful.


20 Mule Team Borax is what you are looking for and I have seen it in the laundry detergent aisle.


Sounds like an easy plan and a lot cheaper than a vet bill!! Just want to make leave it on without rinsing it right? Thanks!!


Here is the website with instructions on mange treatments:
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I have an 11 yr old pit with the same glad I found this & i am goin to try the remedy right poor old girl is miserable so I hope it works...

manda and bubbles

ihave a 12 week old full pit with the EXACT problem. ive tried puttng lard on her but nothing. i was too afraid to try the borax solution but thanks to uu nd the post im going to ill keep u updated


my mom used to bathe our huge 23 lb male cat in borax! monthly! he lived to be very old! & never had a flea problem. my friend carelessly sprinkled borax around some flea ful kittens & they passed away. iam told borax is dangerous! for liver & kidneys. idunno. iwas sure garlic helps with fleas.....but one of my three pets broke out with something (???) some scabs & hair falls out. it was not centered at the tail at first i did not know what it was (all over body). he has immune deficiancy cat disease. he was on garlic & 50% human grade turkey meat 50 percent cruchy cat food with corn. idont know if he is developing an allergy to corn,wheat,grass,or fleas. he goes outside sometimes. eating even 50percent meat changes the body acidity. (like apple cider vinegar). his fur would grow back wnhen fed meat. iknow he needs calcium & taurine & stuff & idont know how much. he also gets blood (crytals) in his urine and can die from urine blockage.he was on special urinary tract food. fish seems to irritate issues. (for those who recommend salmon oil......?)......idont know if my cat has mange! iam not a doctor! but he started to lose fur around his tail now. so it might be. the healthy cat does not cath this! (they used to sleep & lick each other & eat from same bowl.despite 2 bowls).the siberian husky dog is fine too. the healthy cat was eating diatomacious earth for (perhaps) internal parasites. the immo compromised ill male cat was dusted in previous years with diatomacious earth. its icky dust in lungs furnace & vaccuum. after the drought year we did not have much fleas for DE to treat. ijust sweep always. & do lots of laundry just in case. when we used DE there was no 'mang-y' problem. in the winter, there was no 'mange-y' problem. the cat is very special! he is very good with myfiesty human kid. so. he was fed the human grade food from the butcher. the cat is only 9 lbs. he does not eat too much. it does not cost that much. iwish we could feed him mice. like people feed snakes. it would be more healthy & natural for him.

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