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Apples Santillan

I've been a in a call centre industry and working there is really giving me a stress. Sometimes I don't have any faith in myself any more and I don't want to go out because of it. I've different remedies like watching movies, eating sweets etc. but it doesnt work for me either. A friend started to recommend a meditation audio and I've tried it at home while everything is quiet around me. It works great for me. Its called 'The Journey'. Here's the link if you readers wanted to try for yourself. I would really recommend to you a meditation audio that I've tried. It will guide you in focusing, to get clarity and finding your center, calming yourself. You will experience more than deep relaxation and letting go of stress and anxiety. It done a great deal for me. hope it will do the same to you. You can email me at if you want details about the audio.

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I think this would actually help me, but, why is it that this link to the meditation tape has been removed, when that other unpleasant person can spam most of the posts with advertisements for an expensive CD program for panic away???

Anyone suffering from disabling panic attacks will try almost ANYTHING. A meditation tape sounds great. I would never even check out that panic away program because of all the materialistic spam

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