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Skin Care before bedtime:
Mix 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 cup of Olive Oil. Shake well in an old bottle. Wash face and leave wet, then apply. Leave on overnight. (It is a good idea to put a towel on your pillow in case you roll over in your sleep.) Be sure to wash your face well in the morning. I just tried it last night, and my skin is baby soft and glowing! It really works! Good Luck.

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well i am going to try it tonight and see how it works!!!! Wish me luck. Well i want a softer face because i really like this boy and if i have a softer face then maybe he'll like me!!!!! thanks soooo much I will tell you how it went tomorrow. Bye thanks again

Charlie Avery

But vinegar sounds a bit odd to put vinegar on your face because olive oil sounds fine, i've done tht before but would it make ur skin smell???xx I'll try it but i'm not sure...


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can't we shake in a new bottle instead of old bottle?.....hahaha!


some people are sooo enoying the person is trying to help other annd they are making fun of it ....

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