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Mrs. Gibson

I have had RLS since I was a teenager, probably lovingly given to me by my father. In my early 20s' I started taking Mirapex and am now having to increase the dose because it doesn't work as well. I am also attempting to get pregnant and can't take Mirapex if I do get pregnant. I have recently tried accupuncture, it started working but it really did hurt and left bruises. I think I am now going to try the Mag Citrate/Potassium vitamins and maybe some reflexology? Anyone have any other natural remedies that does not involve needles?

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i was also taking marpex and had to increase the dosage then i read something about taking calcium pills so i tryed that and i have not had any more problems with my legs and it also helps you sleep better to hope this works


Acupuncture IF done correctly should NEVER hurt. I had a chronic pain issue a few years ago and acupuncture cured me/saved my life. I've just stated acupuncture up again for RLS and some other issues and I am excited to get cured again. My advice find a new acupuncturist.


When i was having my first child my RLS was causing issues, as I had to lay still with my knees bent. My nurse used a warming lotion and with her thumbs massaged the middle of the ball of my foot, it worked for me. I have had RLS my whole life it's getting worse as I get older. Thanks for all the helpful tips on this page!

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