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Eat plain yogurt, or insert plain yogurt into the vagina for itching and inflammation.

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Utility of the oestrogen-dependent vaginal candidosis murine model in evaluating the efficacy of various therapies against vaginal Candida albicans infection.
Hamad M, Muta'eb E, Abu-Shaqra Q, Fraij A, Abu-Elteen K, Yasin SR.

Department of Biological Sciences, Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan.

The efficacy of yogurt treatment against vaginal candidosis (VC) was examined using an oestrogen-dependent vaginal candidosis (EDVC) murine model. The EDVC mouse model was constructed by inoculating mice with viable Candida albicans cells under pseudo-oestrus conditions. Vaginal fungal burden in the various mouse groups was evaluated at several time points following the induction of VC. Untreated and yogurt-treated naïve mice exhibited background levels of VC (<6000 CFU per mouse). Candida albicans colonisation in untreated EDVC mice was significantly higher (P < 0.05) than that in yogurt-treated EDVC mice at days 20-30. Metronidazole-treated naïve mice developed persistent C. albicans vaginal colonisation at significantly lower levels (P < 0.05) than that in untreated or metronidazole-treated EDVC mice. Lactobacillus was only detected in the reproductive tracts of yogurt-treated naïve and EDVC mice. These findings suggest that the presence of Lactobacillus in the reproductive tract can suppress C. albicans growth and the antibiotics may predispose to VC.


I struggled with BV (bacterial vaginosis) for 3 years. I starting seeing a gynecologist, trying prescriptions such as antibiotics, inserts and creams but that did not fix it.

I bought pro-biotic supplements and started eating yogurt but it only helped a little. It did not cure it. Yogurt is good bacteria and your body needs it. You have good bacteria in your mouth, your intestines, your vagina...

I was suffering badly enough to try it. So I bought the most comfortable looking turkey baster and put plain yogurt in my vagina at bed time for a couple days and wore pads. I had instant relief but I continued for a week to make sure it wouldn't come back.

Yes, it's a little messy and sounds gross but it completely cured it. I'm now odor free, itch free and pain free. I promise you IT WORKS!

PS I'm certain that I got the BV and yeast infections from taking antibiotics. So now if I must take antibiotics, I also take 9 billion pro-biotic supplements and eat yogurt while taking the antibiotics and after for at minimum a week. Also, at the first sign of any odor or discomfort, I will take the supplements and/or insert yogurt vaginally.


I used plain greek yogurt to rid my yeast infection. First i cut the finger out of a rubber glove then put the yogurt inside and place it in the freezer.Once it freezes u insert it inside your vagina like a tampon and there you have it! It works wonders for me!

Yogurt Warning

OMG yogurt made things soooo much worse for me. I first got the Wegman's brand with extra live cultures introduced. It burned right away, figured I'd feel better later but I just felt worse the next day. Turns out it had a lot of sugar in it (even though no sugar added, go figure) Tried the Whole Foods brand with very little sugar (but also less live cultures). Felt better at first but day 2 I felt awful! Got a pill phoned in from the MD and I am literally icing my area b/c I'm so swollen. Yogurt to eat is fine and I know it at least helps my digestion, but my suggestion is that you keep it far away from your lady parts!


Even if you're too squeamish about the idea of inserting it, applyling it topically helps a lot with itching and discomfort. Yes, it's messy and smells like yogurt, but I have use this method several times. I prefer to wrap a clove of garlic in sterile gauze to make a tampon shape for easy retrieval, cover it in yogurt to help with insertion, and them slather yogurt all over the outside before I go to bed (of course with using a pad). Change your pads frequently to prevent breeding more yeast and bad bacteria. Don't knock it til you try it!


I am a registered nurse and I have a family practice MD for a good friend. She has recommend the vaginal insertion of yogurt for yeast infections. I have also done some research on this and it does provide the good bacteria (probiotics) that your body needs to fight off the bad (candida) infection.


It works yall r all a bunch of idiots


Yogurt works best for inflammation and itching in vagina. You believe our not. But please don't use flavoured sugared yogurt. Only plaine yogurt with live bacteria probiotic ones like Danone . it really works . if you don't wanna try dont do it but don't say it doesn't work cause it does. It saved me a lot of money. Plus it's super chill for my girl down there. If you're suffering and desperate please shove some Plain non sugar live bacterial probiotic Yogurt in your vagina. Every couple hours for few days.youll see the result yourself. Try then remark please -_-

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