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Eat plain yogurt, or insert plain yogurt into the vagina for itching and inflammation.

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Take it from someone who can't afford health insurance and wasted a TON on over the counter treatments! The yogurt thing works! Mine cleared up in 3 days ( : That and taking garlic and echinacea...


Using a clove of garlic with small cuts in it as a vaginal suppository is very effective for mild candida overgrowth. Try to use overnight, because it will likely make you smell and taste garlic (thank the blood vessels and thin vaginal tissue). Use at first sign of itching to keep candida growth down.

I like tea tree oil as well, but if one isn't careful it can cause more irritation.

Yogurt on the vulva and in the vagina seems to do well. If applying it internally, lay on your back with your legs pulled up as far as you can go, and try to get your vagina to expand inward. You need to coat the entire surface and make sure to get on and around the cervix. This is where it can be fun :)

The vagina will expand during sexual excitement, so use a dildo or a partner (use condom if your honey is a male) to make sure the yogurt is applied thoroughly.
It is a dairy product, so it's wise to clean yourself out a bit after some time.

I also find it helpful to try to remove as much of the overgrowth myself in the shower before applying anything.

I've heard genetian violet is highly effective, but it also stains.


I had been struggling with a yeast infection for 3 months. Was on diflucan multiple times and was constantly using creams. Nothing worked! I became extremely desperate and decided to try using yogurt. Organic plain yogurt. I felt better in two days! Why didn't I try this sooner?


My doctor told me inserting yogurt does work, and If there's anyone I'll believe , it's my DOCTOR! he told me eating yogurt as well as inserting it cures a yeast infection. It works! I've tried it.


Um how bout wash that stank thing and keep ya dirty fingers and dirty shafts out of it and this won't be needed..yogurt in ya snatch really?


Ummm actually theyre not ignorant for that it does work guess you wouldn't know till you try it.


Yogurt inserted vaginally does work for me. I have used this remedy several times, and it has worked every time. I use an insulin syringe (take the needle off, draw up yogurt into the syringe)and insert about 30cc's of plain yogurt. I have done it nightly for 7-10 days, clears up the yeast infection every time. Monistat does work, but I have experienced a prolonged, severe burning sensation when I've used it. Yogurt soothes as well as clears up the problem. You can say what you want, but 'don't knock it till you've tried it.'


I have vaginal infections every other month and the medications never really help. I am going to try plain yogurt, but I am not sure if I just leave it in there or wash it later. I have done everything else, including changing my laundry detergent and the kind of clothes I buy.


To the ahole with the ugly comment about just wash ur cooch and there will be no problems... f-off. I have OCD, clean myself everytime I use the restroom and shower twice a day, but still get BV and yeast infections from time to time. I don't understand why, but it can be very embarassing. I'm just guessing that your a man and have no idea of the things women go through when it comes to our bodies. Men don't always realize this, but most of the time it's their fault that we end up with these conditions. We allow them inside of us, and sometimes that's what leads to our infections because they are not clean enough or we are so sensitive that the introduction of anything different to our bodies throws off our balance. Women can even get yeast infections and BV from something they eat or drink too. I just want you to be informed before you make anymore stupid comments and get yourself hurt for being an IDIOT!


You can buy gelatin or, for vegetarians, gelatin free capsules from a health food store for pretty cheap. You fill the capsules with yogurt. Easy insertion and you don't over do it.

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