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Eat plain yogurt, or insert plain yogurt into the vagina for itching and inflammation.

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Well my BF is really a 'drug pusher' aka a pharmacist and he explained the pH balance thing and how the yogurt works. I can get drugs FOR FREE and I still decided to try this and it was the best feeling/relief I have felt since last year, when I started getting recurrent yeast infections. So you say you're a doctor and this is a negative treatment well then you must have skipped Bio 101 because the good bacteria found in plain yogurt is nearly identical to the infection-fighting bacteria found in a woman's vagina. Do a little research before you come on a forum claiming to be a doctor.


If you put yogurt in your vagina everyday, you will have the most fresh awesome vagina ever. Get the stonyfield kind, it was recommended to me by a gyno. I use a regular yeast infection cream applicator, except i just fill it with plain yogurt. It's easy to do. Just do it before bed.


So some say they wouldn't do this but they are willing to allow for a man to stick his manly part into them that has been in only God knows who and where, when, etc.

Yogurt works!


Actually, inserting PLAIN YOGURT INTO YOUR VAGINA HELPS restore the 'happy' good bacteria when there is a hormone fluctation and over imbalance of 'bad' bacteria that is causing the smell. Take a tampon and coat it heavily with plain yogurt. Don't mind that it is cold, it will soothe any inflammation at least temporarily. Use the Yogurt tampon for 20 minutes and make sure to smear some around your vulva region. Then take the tampon out and wash yourself off. Do not douche. Do this for 2 days in a row, one time a day and you should see some relief from the problem. Also, eat yogurt regularly, it will help keep things in better balance.


I'm trying to find the best way to get it in there... maybe a syringe? To all those who don't believe it, you've not tried it. It works wonderfully. The cold is very soothing and it gets rid of the itch and leaves you fresh when treatments are done. Usually takes me one to two treatments.


I was plagued with an offensive fishy odor and it kept getting worse despite the negative STD and BV results. Seemed most overpowering during and after sex. Finally found a solution after months of agonizing stink. After sex, I've been inserting a cottonball dipped in plain yogurt for the night and removing it the next morning. Rebalances the Ph - Fresh and yummy smelling finally!


After suffering from reoccurring yeast infections, I became desperate enough to try inserting yogurt into my vagina, using an empty tampon applicator. I was thrilled when within hours, my yeast infection was gone. After doing the yogurt treatment several other times, I felt I had finally found the answer. Then, the following day after the yogurt treatment I felt an intense irritation in my vagina. I went to the gynecologist and discovered I got a bacterial infection from the yogurt. So yes, it does work to treat yeast infections, but beware, it can cause other infections. My doctor said it introduces bacteria into the vagina that shouldn't be in there.


I have being trying the yogurt thing and it works. You have to drink plenty of water. Eat yogurt (plain, unsweeten w/live bacteria) every day. If you insert it make sure you douche it with warm water not water and vinegar. Then you will be set 'free at last'


I have used this method several times over the past few years by dipping a tampon into the yogurt. I only wear the tampon for about 30 min., however I do know some women who wear them over night. This home remedy has never failed to kill a yeast infection.


I think you guys are arguing semantics. Plain yogurt is okay to use on your VULVA, which is the outer area you see when you open your legs, This includes your labia minora the clitoris, the hood etc. Your VAGINA is the actual canal where the penis/tampon/sex toy/fingers enter / baby comes out of.

And please use PLAIN yogurt. No vanilla flavored clitoris' please lol

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