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Eat plain yogurt, or insert plain yogurt into the vagina for itching and inflammation.

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I suffer from yeast infection so i bought a plain yogurt this afternoon but im still afraid of putting down there. can someone tell me if this plain yogurt can do? Swiss premium – plain yogurt [ingredients: milk (made from fresh alpine milk), cultures (Sc.thermophilus, Lb. Bulgaricus, Lb.acidophilus), preservatives (E2002)] = containing energy 246kj (58 kcal), protein 4.5g, carbohydrate 6.5g, fat 1.6g, is this alright?


Please DO NOT promote the Apple cider vinegar in the vagina remedy! I ended up with not one, but 2 bad infections that needed Prescriptions from the Doctor. (First, a yeast infection that was a different strain of yeast than what the OTC meds could cure, 2nd was Bacterial Vaginosis!) Also DON'T use baking soda. There's a such thing as being TOO clean down there!


My mother has been a physician for more than 20 years, one of the smartest I know of, and when I talked to her about it she said that it would have a very low chance of doing any harm. What's the worst that could happen? Could it get slightly worse, causing you to buy drugs to rid of symptom severity overnight? Oh no, what a tragedy.

I say do it, you have nothing to lose. And it's natural- less chemical crap to put into your body.


I'm also using organic Kefir to cure my BV infection. The difference between BV and your common yeast infection is a complete different type of bacteria over growth. Most commonly know as gardonella.(there are a few other types) A yeast infection is an over growth of lactobacillius. So i could see how a doctor would say yogurt would only make the infection worse, considering yogurt is mostly comprised of different types of lactobacilli.
But it is working for my BV infection.


Inserting the yogurt in the vagina does work. Just make sure it is natural plain yogurt. It worked for me... Within hours I was feeling much better. Obviously what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another so...


This HAS TO BE only pure organic, unflavored, no additives no sugar no dyes yogurt! This stuff is super bitter and sour not something you wanna just eat with a spoon! I have never heard this as a remedy for yeast infections...but my holistic doctor recommends doing a douche or the tampon trick once a month for overall vaginal health. Good bacterias! ;)


The reason why women get infections is because the vaginal PH becomes more alkaline, giving bugs the environment to grow. Yogurt has lactobaccilus, etc, the LOWER the PH down to where it should be naturally. Look into soap specifically made for intimate areas. It will be very acidic (between 3-5). Hope this helps.


had a rager of a YI from antibiotics. tried otc monistat...all it did was make my vag burn burn burn. tried plain, whole milk yogurt with a tiny tiny bit of tee tree oil. AMAZING results if not immediate! So impressed. My vag was super red and itchy and within a couple hours it had stopped itching and was returning to it's normal pink color. :) Never otc drugs again


it works! my mother told how it workand i have been use it for year , i dose need to be plian with the live stuff in it


I LOVE when people claim to be doctors on a forum because they have no other defense or reasoning. Whoever claims to be the doctor and wrote that it will make a yeast infection worse is an uneducated moron.

It's a well known fact that the live culture will treat the infection. Garlic will as well.

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