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Eat plain yogurt, or insert plain yogurt into the vagina for itching and inflammation.

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Theoretically it should work. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Lactobacillus is part of the normal flora of the vagina as well. The presence of Lactobacilli help create the acidic nature of the vagina. Most bacteria do not enjoy hosts of acidic nature, thus Lactobacilli help resist infection.


Doctors will tell you not to do this because they want u to pay for expensive remedies which are not necessary. Don't be fooled.


Okay, so I have been on an antibiotic for a week now and my husband and I have been having excessive intercourse trying to get pregnant. So when I realized I was getting a yeast infection I hit up the internet for an alternative method to heal it because everytime I take over the counter medicine and prescriptions it seems to make it worse for me. So I went and bought the yogurt and I am trying it when I first inserted it I felt immediate questions are How many times a day are you supposed to do it? And How am I supposed to get it out? With the over the counter stuff and prescriptions you don't have to do anything. But with this I figured it would go bad after awhile so how often do you rinse it out if you have to? I'm new to the whole homopathic life style so I'm still learning things so I woudl appreciate all the advice I can get...thnks


Plain yogurt also makes a wonderful lubricant for sexual encounters. It doesn't leave stains, and is condom-compatible.

Full of yeast

I have been having a yeast infection/BV for years. I went to the gyno and she gives me meds that either give me a yeast infection or bv. This went on for years. I then went to another gyno and she told me that she doesn't see anything and we have own smell. I smell like onions now(im like WTF). Its really putting a strain on my relationship. I think im gonna break up with him because it only gets worse. Does anything work out there? I've tried alot of thinks and nothing is working. The yogurt or the acidiphils pills isn't working at this time either. Ladies please help. I want to marry this guy(been 2gather for five years)but he doesnt wanna touch me anymore.


I think for some people this will work and for some won't. sometimes the human body reacts to certain medications, but not by everyone...
so id try it at least.


Had the gastric bypass years ago. Since then have had the recurring burning itching OMG why symptoms. Due to antibiotics I am on and other meds. Tis a nuisance and not to mention bother at times. Buying the over the counter yeast treatments get very costly. Not to mention sometimes they make it worse so if I buy the one day treatment ... days later I end up buying the 3 to 7 day ones.

Calling the doc every time is annoying and very embarrassing. Plus most the time she tells me to buy another 7 day treatment. So by this time already spent what $25-30 for the one day then $10 for the 3 day and $ 5-7 for the 7 day. And with no relief. And way to pissed to call her back although she could cut to the chase and issue the precipitation which only costs $4 and is in pill form. At this point willing to try everything to get rid of this annoyance.

Tried it today for the 1st time and all I can say is WoW. The cooling effect has helped relieve the burning and itching. A little weird I must say .. but hey at this point I am willing to try anything. Even if some say Ewww ... if it works it works if it doesn't tis just another thing to cross off my list and go to the next one.


When I first read about this I thought it was nuts but I have been suffering with recurrent yeast infections for ages and the over the counter creams don't seem to work anymore and are expensive. The last time I used a cream, it seemed to make it worse! My doctor did a swab and said it came back 'fine' (no yeast this time). Well I know my own vagina and and I feel irritated and still 'not quite right'. So I asked her about the whole yogurt in the vagina thing and she said it is fine and may be beneficial so I'm going to give it a try. There is a delicate balance of flora in the vagina and if it becomes unbalanced - well we all know the result. It seems logical that it might be good to try and replenish the lactobacilli that are present in a healthy vagina and happen also to be found in yogurt. Also, by the same logic, it could help restore proper acidity. I'm trying a plain organic kind with active cultures. Wish me luck!


I've never inserted it in my vagina but eating it always helps me prevent getting one. I always get a yeast infection when I take antibiotics. My mom told me to eat yogurt while I take them. I ate like 4-5 yogurts a day while I was taking the antibiotics, and I ate any kind not just plain. I didn't get a yeast infection at all!


Yogurt is actually an effective remedy for a yeast infection. I suggest you do a little research into the topic prior to making inflammatory and disparaging comments toward others.

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