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Eat plain yogurt, or insert plain yogurt into the vagina for itching and inflammation.

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Eve E

Yogurt is so much better than the over the counter stuff. In my experience Doctors are nothing but drug-pushers in lab coats. I am disgusted by the doctor who said this is bad. Monastat makes my yeast infections worse and can be incredibly painful to put such strong medicine in a sensitive area like your vagina. Make sure to use sugar free yogurt and with active cultures. Lower your sugar intake while suffering. I have also heard that boric acid supplements and fresh garlic are very helpful. American doctors are licensed drug dealers and they are not in the business of healing people - there is no money in keeping people healthy.


Small quantities of sugar free, live culture plain yogurt can work. Dip a tampon in some and insert it for an hour or two. Don't leave it too long, dairy is bad after awhile.

You can also try acidophilus(pro-biotic) pills. If they're the powder filled sort take it appart and mix with water and coat a tampon, or squirt in with a baster or some such. If solid tablets you could try inserting a pill straight up. Watch out for the inert ingrediants of the pills, they may contain sugars that will feed the infection.

And of course douching with a mild acid solution of vinegar or lemon juice can work wonders too.


I didn't know whether I had a yeast infection or something worse for a while and decided to test it by putting some plain yogurt with live cultures (that my mom eats regularly and always has around, fortunately) around the vulva area and the itching and swollen feeling went away within a few minutes. Really soothing. I'm still going to set up a GYN appointment but till then the application of yogurt is really helpful.


Well, since a large number of people say it works, I'd have to believe you believers. The reason is that some people swear that eating chocolate will not cause pimples. I personally find that untrue. When I eat chocolate, it does cause me to have pimples. And in fact, I get big, ugly, painful ones. I know that for a 100% fact for myself, so those who say it is untrue only sees their own facts from their reality. I know if it happens to me, it happens to others too. It's like someone who lives in the rain forests saying there's no such thing as snow... funny huh?

Anyways my question is, how does eating yogurt or any form of bacteria get into your vagina??? Can someone give me some medical facts of how bacteria is transferred from mouth to vagina? I can understand antibiotics killing off bacteria in certain areas of the body, but ingesting it? Enlighten me.


This remedy works like a CHARM (and is much cheaper than all the money that is spent on Monistat/Canesten and the rest of them)
I am prone to yeast infections EVERY TIME I have to go on an antibiotic. Like clockwork, I get a yeast infection. The last few times I've been on antibiotics, I've eaten a large thing of yogurt every day I have taken the antibiotic. NO YEAST INFECTION.
This time, I didn't think to get the yogurt(I lead a busy life... sort of slipped my mind) and needless to say... I've got a yeast infection. lol. So, I've now resorted to eating yogurt and doing the whole 'inserting plain yogurt with a tampon' thing and its working fine. Just about got it cleared up.


I also suffer from recurrent yeast infections and I've had one for about a month now that I haven't been able to get rid of. I've tried Monistat, and the doctor gave me 7 yes 7 tabs of Diflucan while on the last antibiotic but it just didn't work. I resorted to the yogurt idea a couple of nights ago but I'm not sure I'm experiencing enough relief. I finally caved and got a prescription for the horribly strong gynazole. My skepticism for the yogurt idea comes from the fact that it's a dairy and in order to get it out every morning after it being in there all night- I have to rinse, which then seems like whatever goodness was going on during the night just got flushed out. How long can a dairy stay inside of you before it goes bad and what happens when it does? I'm not even sure it was all out when I inserted the gynazole which is supposed to stay in for three days by attaching to the wet-cells inside of me. Is it going to attach to the yogurt? This is all so very frustrating.


Yogurt inserted must contain Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. Astro yogurt has both.

Most complications resulting from this remedy are a result of unsanitary conditions. DISINFECT all your tools!


I do suffer from recurring yeast infections. In the last 15 months, I've had 12. Mine flare up around the time I ovulate. I've done Diflucan, RX creams, and OTC creams. They all have helped - but only temporarily. I finally tried the plain mulit-strain yogurt (Stonyfield)inserted directly into my vagina using a plastic syringe (left over from one of my young children's medicines)at night time and during the day I used soaked tampons. It did clear up for about 3 days and then it came back with a vengeance. It was way worse! I went back to the OTC for some temporary relief.In addition I have been for about 10 months now been taking probiotics on a daily basis as well as garlic supplements. The infection just keeps returning. Since my hormones seem to be my trigger, I am also using a product called Progensa 20. It's a plant based natural progesterone cream.
As of last night, I felt like my yeast infection was returning and I'm still menstruating, I just saw on another website that excess semen can trigger your infection, this could be my situation this time since my husband and I had recently rediscovered one another. Anyway,I tried rinsing myself with the vinegar and salt water before bed and it did burn a little, but by the time I had dried myself thoroughly, it was already feeling much better. I also inserted a peeled and crushed garlic clove wrapped in a small piece of cheesecloth into my vagina and I woke up feeling so much better. So I'm repeating the process. Doing this twice a day for three days. Thank you everyone for all of your input. It has been a great help!


it also can work well to freeze the yogurt into a small cube ice cube tray for easier insertion. The active bacteria cultures in the yogurt help to restore the natural bacteria in a vagina that usually fight of yeast infection in the first place


Eat plain yogurt, this sounds like a lot fun with my girlfriend, can't wait to taste this ... thanks for sharing

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