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Eat plain yogurt, or insert plain yogurt into the vagina for itching and inflammation.

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I have never tried it but when my mother went to the doc for a yeast infection her doc told her to take the med for yeast infection and eat plain yogurt to keep it from coming back.


This has always worked for me for years, and same for my friends. But you definately have to use the plain yogurt with live cultures. Not completely sure if eating it works as well, inserting it worked amazingly.


I am a sufferer of recurrent yeast infections. I always get one after taking antibiotics. I take acidophilus pills as well as garlic pills. It does work for me. Also, I was told by a nurse to try plain yogurt (containig live bacteria), insert it into the vagina using a turkey baster. I've also read about this technique while doing research for prevention and non-medicinal relief of yeast infections. Question: What did women do before big Pharmaceutical companies? HOME REMEDIES


YES plain yogurt works but its safe to put yogurt on a pad or napkin and set in your underwear up to 2 hours. It instantly takes the itching away I am currently doing this and since it is a dairy you shouldn't leave it more than two hours =)


Thanks for the tips i'll try it. I have heard of many people doing this but I was unsure if it really worked. the OTC treatments are way too expensive


Plain yogurt wonderful and it works great. Yes you can eat it and you can put it into your vagina. My doctor told me to do this and it works like a charm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, I can say it works too. Like someone said, before the money greedy pharmaceuticals how did women do???? Also an easy way to insert: get a plastic seringe without the needle at the end! very easy and it works!!! Tania


I eat live culture yogurt twice daily and have stayed free of yeast infections for two years now!! I swim a lot and used to get them often, but since i started eating the yogurt they have disappeared. I never heard of placing the yogurt directly where the irritation occurs, but this makes sense and I will try it if I get another one.


Didn't work for me but apparently it does for some. See my post under Boric Acid for what works for me!

To insert yogurt you could get a syringe at any feed'n'farm store, maybe they carry them at home medical supply places too.


I will never eat yogurt again...thanks guys

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