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Mix Baking Soda and any toothpaste until it has a gritty or lumpy texture.(I mixed a little bit of it in a plastic bag so there wouldn't be a mess.)Use it to brush your teeth regularly. It cleans your mouth extra well and whitens teeth/brightens your smile. Brush for as long as you can stand the taste, and rinse toothbrush well. It has a bad taste, but great results! Because of the taste, you may want to brush with regular toothpaste afterwards. Good luck, and keep smiling!

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Shot** :P


can i use baking powder instead??


I have been wanting to get professional whitening but can't afford it right now. Looked online for home teeth whitening remedies; found this suggestion and tried it. IT WORKS!! I used my regular toothpaste, put some of that in a baggie, added some baking soda, and a little salt. Took a new toothbrush, dipped it in and just picked up the mixture onto the toothbrush. Then I brushed with it, paying attention to the front teeth and areas where I had some actual brown stains. Brushed for about 5 minutes, added some more onto the brush and did a little more.

It truly gives you a shining, whiter smile! I really needed this as I am a cig smoker also and love coffee and diet coke.

Try this! It works and probably the salt is what made it taste quite yucky but I've never been able to handle salt-water gargling during a sore throat...made my gums lighter also...may try it without the salt and brush with that mixture twice a day BEFORE regular toothpaste brushing.



Baking powder is not the same as baking soda. Don't substitute powder for the baking soda in this tooth whitening remedy. The pH of the soda is a lot of the reason for the great outcomes of all the things we can use baking SODA for!! :)


Yes, this may very well work, but isn't it abrasive? Which means that I'd end up having long-term damage to my teeth? They are already very sensitive.

sarah rose

i tried this. all that i did was put a small amount of toothpaste in a ziplock bag, and a few teaspoons of baking soda, mushed it together until it was all combined, put it on my toothpaste and brushed like normal for about five minutes, concentrating on my visual teeth. i smoke, and drink coffee everyday. this gave me good results the first time, i plan to continue. it burned a little, so i stopped at five minutes. when you spit it out, you can almost see what you're leaving behind. i was impressed. but my teeth did feel a little sensitive after. but, i would reccomend it versus other options.


Can you please tell the amount/ratio of baking soda and toothpaste to mix.Thanks.


how often can you do this


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