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If you feel like you have a possible ear wax clog in your ear; try putting some warm water in your ear to soften the wax. Then using a bulb syringe (those things commonly used to suck mucous out of baby's noses) or if your desperate a turkey baster, try sucking the wax out of the ear canal. TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER: #1. Don't stick the tube too far into your ear so as not to rupture your tympanic membrane (ear drum), this is why the turkey baster might be a better idea. #2 Make sure you push the bulb before inserting the tube. You don't want to blow the wax further into your ear you want to suck it out. Hope this helps.

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the method that you recommended is going to hurt someone even though you gave warning. someone is going to do this drunk, or possible while high. don't take this personally, but you should remove it. your intentions were genuine, and you suggested a method that worked for you. again, nothing personal.


Unfortunately everything can and likely WILL be taken either out of context attempted in an unfit state. Heck you can even get breathing wrong if you didn't do it exactly right but hey .... This method (turkey thingy style) is the next on my attempts because I can't see a doctor for another 2 days :-(


...Why would someone do this high? There is seriously no logical reasoning behind that comment, and frankly I find it kind of rude. As far as I'm concerned, most people who try to use home remedies while drunk or high will end up hurting themselves, but I think that is a highly unlikely scenario to begin with. In any case, I think this is a good tip and I plan on trying it if I can't unplug my ear anytime soon!

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