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Eat lots of fresh, raw garlic.

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If you cant stand to eat it, insert a raw clove into your vagina...but wrap dental floss around it first so that you can easily retrieve it.

This is really a miracle herb...I'm tired of spending $30 for one diflucan pill that requires two doses sometimes...


I've recently had a yeast infection that wouldn't quit....I tried Monistat 1 that didn't work next I inserted plain hungarian yogurt from Whole Foods and garlic capsules in my vagina and soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) what a relief until you can get to the doctor for a diflucan pill....LOL Us poor women shouldn't have to suffer with so many ailments that are as dreadful as yeast inferctions,periods,cramps,childbirth,...etc.


don't eat garlic i tried it and it didn't do anything for me. i just kept burping all day and my husband was like what the hell


I've tried lots of different things, and the garlic seemed to make me feel much better with in a half hour. I did soak in the bath with vinegar and salt, in the mean time which may have helped mildly. But I think the garlic is the best I've experienced.


I was very afraid to put salt in my vagina. When I read it at first. I said this is a joke. It works so much better than the creams. I mixed warm water, garlic powder, sea salt and apple cider vinegar. It eased the pain. It burned a lil but what I was going through it was worth a try. It works!!!!

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