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My father had Shingles for over 7 months. It had taken over his life. He tried all the stuff from the doctor. He decided to try different things over the counter. He tried Absorbine Jr. extra strength. He applied directly on the pain. It has given back his life with no pain now. He believes it interrupts the false signals from the nerves to the brain, allowing healing.

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• The use of essential oils Tea tree oil, clove oil and laeendvr oil are among the best oils to be used against acne. These works even better if diluted with grape seed oil. After application of the oils you may use Rose water or ice as reliever for swollen acne area.• Herbs and spices A paste of black cumin seed powder and a paste of cinnamon powder mixed with honey are some herbs which act fast and effectively for patients suffering from chronic acne condition. Other active herbs and spices are pomegranate powder mixed with fresh lime, a paste of neem powder and a blend of turmeric powder with sandalwood or turmeric with mint juice. You may also apply freshly cut clove of garlic on the acne area and left overnight.• Diet and exercise There is nothing except a better dieting and exercises that can keep you healthier. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Drinking at least 8 10 glasses of water and doing required exercises help flushing out the body's toxins. Avoid as much as you can greasy/oily foods as these are among the factors contributing in acne problems.

Pam B

I have just been in the hospital with another health problem & seem to have developed an outbreak of shingles. I used the Absorbine Jr for relief & it is actually working!! I don't have health insurance & can't go to a doctor at the drop of a hat, so my first option is almost always going to be homeopathic. I'm SO glad this one is working.

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