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I have suffered from one long ear infection for the past 10 years. Yes years. Itching and burning and smelly discharge. I've seen several docs over two states and tried all sorts of drops/cream/ear plugs so water doesn't get it. etc. Nothing worked. So I just live with the itching and discharge. Periodically I'll clean them out with a Hydrogen peroxide/water solution or just straight hydrogen peroxide. It's best if you dilute it though. Anyway the other day I was traveling by car and the changes in elevation bothered me. Next day, full blown ear ache. I used the peroxide solution. It hurt and itched like mad, probably because of the constant itching with my pinky nail scratches my inner ear. Still sometimes that makes the swelling go down if it flares up, but not this time, and it was getting worse. So I heat packed it with a homemade rice pack (got the idea here). I did that for a while and also did the vinegar/water solution. It seemed to relieve some pain, but the situation worsened. My lymph nodes are swollen from just under my ear, down my neck to my clavicle, and it hurts. Someone noted here, that vinegar will worsen the situation if it's NOT a fungus, but IS a bacteria. I'm thinking I've got a bacteria. Also, another person mentioned not to use heat...I switched to ice this morning. So we will see. I am headed to the doctor today to get some antibiotics. I'm glad I have some flora on hand to take as well. At this point I don't know what to do other than that. Antibiotics and other remedies have not cleared up the itching problem in past. This seems to be a problem above and beyond that. If the itching remains after the doc treatment for the nodes, I plan to give the vinegar/water solution another shot, as well as the olive oil/garlic/onion combo, that sounds really soothing. I'll post an update if I need to try it, and if it helps or not. Off to the doctor I go.

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Doc said heat was fine. Here is an update I posted again.
I have eczema in my ears. No where else on my body, although I do have dry skin. I also have chronic eye dryness, which I wonder if it's all related, but that's another topic I'm sure. Anyway, after a particularly nasty secondary ear infection recently I was bound and determined to find something that healed my ears of the constant pain, burning, itching, and crusty weeping. I've been dealing with it for the past 10 years, and I thought I had to live with it. Pain is a funny motivator. My ear was swollen shut and the lymph nodes from under the ear down my neck to my shoulders were all swollen. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and oral steroids and a steroid creme. The oral steroids were magic. It took away the swelling, the pain and the itching! But quite soon after the last dose the itching returned as well as the crusty weeping. I knew the steroid creme would only be a short term maintenance solution. (I haven't even filled the scrip.) I want my ears to be healthy! Not just maintain the condition. I found an oil called miracell. See I had a sample sitting in my bathroom for months, didn't know what it was!! I put it on my leg to try it out and immediately knew it was quality. I got online looking for more and kicked myself when I learned I could have put it in my ears! I got more and I've been putting it in my ears now for the past few days, 2 or 3 times a day. I'm in love. It's a combo of oils and contains myrrh which is an antibacterial. I highly recommend this stuff! They have an oil called Calm Ear. I compared the ingredients to their main oil, Skin Relief & Support. Its the same exact stuff, only the FDA requires they put a paraben in the Calm Ear, the other oil is paraben free. The Calm Ear is hard to track down, they ended up sending me samples of the Calm Ear, and I just bought the main oil at my local health food store, its the same stuff.
My ear infection was severe and I'm glad I went to the doc for that. I don't know if it's a remedy for an ear infection, but for the eczema it is absolutely helping and I hope that it will indeed help my skin help itself to return to complete health. I am also cutting out dairy and sugar in hopes to eliminate the root cause. Good luck to you.


I too have had the itching for about 15 years now. I have been to so many Dr's...ENT's, the Ear Institute in LA....everytime same thing 'your ears look fine'. I always wondered if you could have eczema in your ear. I started using a skin care product that I sell and it seems to work....when I use it!

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