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Hi everyone, I must say this site is a blessing!!!!! Im 29 i have been battling GH for past 2 years OB after OB. I started taking valtrex and boy that medication is expensive. and to think i would have to take it for the rest of my life. wow. So i didnt have tylenol but i did have motrin and thank god almighty this is the cure.I have to let the world know vinegar baths then apply paste remedy stops the outbreak in its track. the blisters just suddenly fade away without even bursting. the pain is gone instantly. The swelling gone. Who ever came up with this is a genius. bye bye valtrex. oh and of course your diet is also major in preventing the outbreak.

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Now I'm happy!

First let me thank the local Doctors for sharing their knowledge with viewers like myself. I felt it was necessary that I took the time out to make a contribution to this site after take to the test the remedy mentioned here. Like most who visted this site I'm also experience the discomfort associated with an out-break. I have used both the zovirax bill and ointment combination at the time of the out-break. Even while using these expensive meds I was still experiencing discomfort and saw the need to do some research and came accross this site. Folks hands down, this remedy put the other meds to shame. I mean the relief and the speed at which it came was nothing short of instant and its the reason I had to make this know to others who may have questions about the contributions made here. Take it from me it works!!!!
Thanks folks

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