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I've been having severe toothache pain for the last 2 days and don't have dental insurance and no money to go to a dentist. See my tooth is a cracked tooth that became a cavity so the opening is on the side what worked for me after taking 1000mg of ibprofen wasn't working and I had to take them every 4 Hrs was just yesterday I went to walgreens and bought a kit called DenTek Toothache Kit which comes with an applicator tooth saver cotton swans temporary filling material and toothache medicine and applies the medicine according to directions than put some of the temporary filling in,my tooth and now I dont have any pain and hopefully won't till I get to go see a dentist to get it filled properly. I highly recommend this product!! It only costs 7-8 $ I can't remember but so worth it!!!!

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geniusbrain, mehgilicuttie

Swishing with peroxide for a minute calms the exposed nerves by disinfecting them from the irritants such as from food and liquids (not water though) that left sugary residue on the nerve.


My husband, same problem as you. no insurance. drove 20miles to Walgreens & took your advice & bought the Den Tek toothache kit. After him suffering all day trying everything possible, it worked. It's 95% better, tolerable at least until he can get it fixed. It was the best $7.00 i ever spent.

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