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Little Tina

OK,year #2 that I have gotten these little effers. Worse, the same way both times. I live in south Jersey. Years ago my husband whom I adore planted some type of grassy stuff in the garden right in front of the house, which now seasonally grows above and beyond any weed I've ever seen. So, I must pull. Though, next year I think I'll call the pro. I've been to the DR.!! Elimite 3 days ago! (its been a week and a half now) NO AFFECT! They're on STEROIDS! I look like ive been attacked by a severly angered cat. Did the nail polish, Chiggerex from Walmart, Benadryl gel, homeopathic anti-itch spary, neosporin'd my whole body, I wanna DIE HERE!! NOW, I've read a few pages of these remedies and i'm off to make use of the peroxide, alcohol, and meat tenderizer. PLAESE GOD LET THEM WORK!! I'm SO FLIPPING TIRED! I will check back and let you all know, so YOU know what works! Off to the shower I go!

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OMG - that is the FUNNIEST thing I have read! Poor author!


Laughing so hard Im crying, but this author is SO spot on! I am in the same boat, completely miserable, and really tired.


Please NO she makes it sound as if I have no hope!!!! Almost two weeks it's like you get a spot clean and they jumped to another spot know i have to many to count!!!!!!going to try listerene, old spice, then lice shampoo all in same day can't take it much longer!!!


Same exact story for me!!! I had to go to the Dr. too and not only did I get put on steroids but antibiotics + bacitraicin (a super strong antibiotic cream) because I scratched 4 bites so bad and DEEP they took weeks to heal. Ill try the epsom salt bath,bleach, and citrus then let you guys know how it works so hopefully our 3rd summer(next) we won't get these nasty little demons lol

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