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I have suffered from anxiety attacks since I was four years old. I clearly remember the first real attack I had. I was lying on my parents floor and I had woken up from a dream where there was this large dog who was dying. When I woke up I started to hyperventilate and I was having sharp chest pain. I must have been a very strange four year old because I went to my parents and informed them I was having a heart attack! lol needless to say they didnt take me seriously. Ive continued to have them on and off since then and I am now 22. Not only do I have the attacks, but sometimes Im in a constant state of panic. All day long the anxiety nags at me like an intruding thought. For no reason at all my heart speeds up and I get dizzy, sometimes I even get hives. The only remedy I have found, and it doesnt always work, is taking a hot shower or a bath. I try to completely clear my head and concentrate on the sound of the water. Its a lot like meditation I guess. I wish people who dont suffer from anxiety understood just how disabling it can be.

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I know just how you feel I'm also 22 and starte having anxiety attacks since I was 4. For many years my parents never believed me until one day I just couldn't take it and made my mom take me to our family dr where he made me take this survey and pointed out I was medically deprest and was having a series of anxiety attaks til this day no combination of pill have helpd me and so I've been searching for diffrent home remedies and can ease these scary horrible attacks thnx for yours ill be trying it soon


The shower thing has always worked for me. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and have a panic attack and no matter how tired I am, I will get into the shower and make the water as hot as I can stand it and breath deeply the steam, and start praying or even start singing one of my favorite songs, within minutes my panic attack is over and I can get back to bed and feel completely relaxed.Thanks for mentioning it.


I am also 22 and have had anxiety attacks since I was in grade 2. I recently have bought my first house with my boyfriend, and since then can't seem to contain my anxiety, which at one point was pretty manageable. I'm hoping it will go away with time as we get settled, but for now it is hard just to hold myself together most of the time.
It is very hard for my boyfriend to understand what it's like to be anxious and he often gets upset that I'm upset, which just makes things worse...
Actively looking for help with this...


I went to visit my sister where I had seen my drunken/drugged up mother in the 3rd time in 18yrs (unexpectedly), almost lost my dog, felt extreme disappointment on my sister's behalf-lying/ deceit and one thing happened after the other where i had no choice in leaving after seeing her so I had to wait two days, i finally left and had the most severe panic attack in a really long time on the way back while i was driving.i wish others would understand and give me some slack. My back is on fire, i have cold sweats, i have no appetite, ive had paranoia for a few days, i cannot move nor drive nor do anything that requires energy, I am extremely foggy in the head, exhausted beyond belief and my memory is shot. Not to mention my husband is not getting back for 4 more days and I am afraid my job is on the line. I need some advice pronto.-I would rather not go back on any medication, although the only thing that works to relieve the anxiety is smoking the strand -headband (marijuana). I don't like relying on it and would rather use other remedies, but it calms my back stress, calms my tension, makes my body feel not so heavy, and i can think more clearly when i do.-is there any advice? i would prefer other natural remedies.


I've been having panic attacks since I was 15. I was on Paxil until I was about 21 and could no longer afford it. I had the attacks off and on, until about 2 years ago.. Then I found out how when U drank, it would either get rid of an attack, or I wouldn't have one as long as I was buzzed and fell asleep before I was completely sober. As of now, I drink every night.. Anxiety controls a lot of my life. I used to only get attacks at night, but now, even during the day. So at night after work, I usually start drinking. I don't want to become a full on alcoholic, it scares me. I have a son to worry about. God has helped me through so much in my life.. So I know He will get me through this as well. Please pray for me . Thank you and God bless to all of you as we;;.

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