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I have been suffering from anxiety for a while. I was on Paxil for a long time and hated how it made me feel. It took away the worst anxiety but also took away the joy. I am learning to 'go with it' too. I have started driving again after a long period of none at all. I was deathly afraid of having a dizzy spell behind the wheel. I go to the store and I fell dizzy...sweat..heart pounding. etc. I used to run out but now i breathe through it. Try taking an ipod with you. When you start feeling it come on..turn on the ipod..It distracts you ..Anxiety is a path we have to walk down..It isnt pleasant but you can learn to manage it. I did the midwest center program 2 years ago. I havent had a full blown attack since then..and it was something as simple as being told (even though you already know) that you are not going to are not going to pass out...the feelings will pass.. sounds silly but it worked for me

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I too tried paxil years ago and had similiar side effects such as lack of joy and even an unfocused state of mind. Having giving up being a guinea pig for medications, I continued a road of anxiety. Now 37 I decided to talk to a new doctor, explaining my ongoing life's struggle with anxiety. He was very convinced through many successes with patients he prescribed Zoloft to. A minimal dosage low mg. to see it's effects. In two weeks I was so excited to finally feel something working after trying other ways with no positive effects. I was then the increased im my mg. dose and accompanied it w/ .5 mg. Xanax only when needed. Soon the Zoloft was all I needed once daily. Surprisingly it also helped with temper control, focus, and I have a natural joy I'm only beginning to experience since childhood. I have more patience and I'm praying to the Lord for helping me see sometimes it is out of our control, there is such a thing as chemical imbalances no matter what people say. You may neend some medication and I say Zoloft helps, it helped me. God bless all who suffer but there is a way. You should not live without joy.

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