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Guys, if you have the insurance and/or money to see a doctor, USE IT. Your hearing is valuable and a great sense you are gifted with. 3 days ago, after swimming in an abandoned lake (smart, I know.) I woke up the next day with a shooting pain in one ear so bad that my jaw was numb and I couldn't see straight. Of course, me being 15 and stupid, I didn't tell my mother and I figured it was just some wax buildup. SO I DID SOMETHING ELSE NOTSOSMART- cleaned it with the Qtip. I was relieved a little temporarily, like a few seconds, but the pain came back HARD and worse. I used my dad's ear drops (another stupid move, thankyouuu Jackie) and the next day, the pain was less and better. I popped an aleve and went shopping. I went to sleep happy like I was some genius at taking care of myself, but when I woke up the pain was back. My friend had slept over and I didnt want to let her see me cry, so I sprinted downstairs in tears to my mom to tell her about it. Her being in Level 2 nursing, she had a little knowledge about the situation. But, uhohhh, my doctor wasnt in that day. That morning she gave me some of my Fathers ear drops, but this time the pain remained horrid.
Later, about 2 hours later I was driven to Urgent Care and waited 5 hours to see that my little earache was a massive ear infection. now, that was yesterday. The nurse gave me pills and MY OWN eardrops and I had INSTANT relief for the night and was happy. But, that was last night and this morning the pain felt just as severe. Its so bad, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on my own and now Im waiting for my mom to wake up and her approval that I can take my medication again.
SO LONG SOTRY SHORT, your earaches could be severe. See a doctor. :)

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Iyerr :)
Am 15 and i have suffered with ear ache for nearly 7 years now.
i have been to nearly 11 different doctors and they all tell me the same thing. use olive oil or any oil (olive is the best) an lie on the oppisit ear for about 20 mins an let your ear bubble. dont touch it , just lt it be ichy, then after this lean over an let it all drip out an keep doing this for 4-7 day's.... it kinda worked for me, i stilll get them now but ino how to deal with themm :).hope this works 4 yeahh :').x


Well i'm not sure how I got mine but your story sounds just like me except the drops the doctor gave me the first time made my ear worse and now the drops the next doctor gave me work for a little while.. so like you I am up early in the morning in super pain and tryin to find anything to do to make this horrible pain go away!! Good luck to ya


Doctor's do not know everything darlin. Alot of them will prescribe Amoxicillin - an Antibiotic that has not been proved to actually cure an ear infection - but HAS been proven to cause health problems later in life if taken too much during childhood.


I completely agree. If you have insurance, and can afford to see a doctor, you should absolutely do so. I have itching in my ears that has been off and on for a number of years. I've been to the doctors, and granted, the problem persists, but I can still hear, and quite frankly, if I'm going to put anything in my ear and potentially jeopardize that sense, I'd rather it be at the advice of someone who's paid their dues through time honored medical schooling. Yes, doctors don't know everything, but they base their diagnoses upon science, and there's not a single thing in the world that in large enough quantities or over a long enough period of time won't cause you harm, even water, i.e. water poisoning. Long story short, when someone starts their opinion with 'Doctors don't know everything darlin,' and believe me, I really loved the 'darlin' quip, you should really be on your guard against the advice which follows it.


Doctors keep people sick. They destroy health. They are paid by the prescription companies to prescribe drugs that cause more harm than good. See a naturopath!!

The Happy Hygienist!

There is nothing new under the sun! I went to the doctor for an ear ache...she wanted to take xrays?? Really?? I said thanks, but no thanks and got a book on Natural Healing Remedies...a lot of what I read in the posted comments for suggestions on natural care for ear pain/infection were n that book and they work! Nothing new under the sun! Trust your instincts.


Take a whole garlic peel it and once you get to the individual pieces in side take that and put it in your ear over night,it's time tested and proved remedy since 1864. The garlic will not only absorb the infection but help prevent getting another one. I have done this and know for a fact that it works.


I personally don't like doctors, I've had 6 in my lifetime (I'm 16) and none could figure out what was wrong with me... In the end it was a self diagnosis because I was reading into my symptoms.. And my current doctor STILL didn't believe me. (blood tests showed I was right)
As for ear aches, where I live, they've stopped giving antibiotics 'because they are unnecessary' and apparently studdies show that they do not work.
I've been suffering from one for about a week now, after 3 weeks of different strands of viruses, hence I'm looking for home remedies..


Yes, you're 15 and have any REAL knowledge of things. And that medication is working just sooo well for you being that you're still in pain. Most doctors are there to make money, give you crap that does more harm than good, and just make you 'healthy enough' to survive for awhile being you have to come crawling back for more meds for something else. I'm 22, and I will not claim to know everything. But I do know the drug companies are a scam that want your money. Do certain things require a medical proffesional and drugs? Yes, unfortunatly. But more likely than not there are many proven and useful natural cures out there you can do at home. For someone who has tubes in her ears twice becaue of horrid ear infections, I KNOW when I have a damn ear infection. I don't need a dr to tell me that. I called my dr for him to call in a prescription for me. The recepcionist told me I hadn't been there in over a year so I would have to come in. EXCUSE ME FOR MAINTAINING MY HEALTH! So screw it. When you KNOW what is wrong with you and it's not a complicated problem, there are many alternative- and more healthy- solutions. So take your 15 year old know-it-all attitude somewhere else instead of badgering/preaching to people for trying to stay healthy in a natural way- which is much better than any chemical cure in the world.


Yes, thank Jesus there are people willing to go to medical school for 10-12 years to preform heart surgery. However, in my opinion when it comes to things such as ear infections stay away from the doctor. I took my daugher to go see the doctor when she was 1 and 1/2 and said she had been pulling at her ear and complaining of pain after just getting over a cold. He asked if she had a fever, when I said no he said, 'Well then it is impossible for her to have and ear infection.' ARE YOU SERIOUS? He didn't even look in her ear! Anyways, my advice is YOU KNOW YOUR BODY and you should listen to what it tells you. If you can you natural products you will have natural results not man made quick fixes that hurt you in the long run. GOOD LUCK!

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