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On and off, I have had persistent athlete's foot for the better part of my life. I've used a diluted bleach solution effectively in the past, but only when desperate, as it is a carcinogen. For my most recent outbreak I was given a prescription (again) from my dermatologist (can't remember name or strength). I used it for several months with no end to my problem. I then looked online for home remedies and saw that someone had mentioned vinegar as a solution. Since I wasn't interested in trying bleach again (a strong basic chemical), I thought I would try a strong acidic chemical this time - and one that won't give me cancer in the future, to boot. Short answer - vinegar works very well! Long answer, my method to follow:

1. I soaked my feet in pure vinegar for ~30 minutes, then air-dried my feet. When my feet were dried I scraped my feet with a foot conditioning stone. The vinegar really softens the callouses on your feet and makes removal very easy (note to self for future pedicures!). Since the fungus hides in the nooks and crannies of your foot's callouses, removing the callouses and opening up all of the blisters helps air them out.

2. After doing this, I applied the prescribed athlete's foot medication. I honestly believe that an OTC medication would work just fine. It might be good to alternate between treatment types so that the fungus doesn't develop a resistance to one or the other.

3. I followed the foot soak and cream application twice a day, and scraped my feet every couple of days at night before going to bed.

4. I would follow this regimen for at least 2 weeks. If you are diligent, I am confident this will work for you. If it sounds like too much work, then perhaps you're not as sick of your athlete's foot fungus as I was.

5. Don't forget to clean all of your socks and shoes! Launder socks, insoles (if removable), and shoes (when possible), and set shoes and insoles out in the sun to dry. If you have work boots, launder insoles and use a foot powder inside the boot. If you wear high heels, you can clean the foot bed with a cloth soaked in vinegar. I would do this at the beginning of the regimen and then again after a few weeks of treatment.

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I'm so glad you tried the Vinegar cure too. Isn't it wonderful to be free! please continue to spread the word. I am, every chance I get

Have faith and dare to go med free prescription, and OTC stuff

A thankful soul

Thanks for all your comments I have been battleing athlete's foot (only in one foot)for like a year now I went to the doctor but the medicine was super expensive and it didn't work (oral and cream). I started doing the vinager and water soak for like 1/2 hour every day if I can, and then I scrub it with prunice stone when I finish I put a tolfanate cream and at night when I shower I soak in pee and leave it for 1 minute then I rinse it and put head and shoulders a couple minutes. I'm trying all but hey is working!, I'm soo happy as soon as is all good I'm goin to get a pedicure I have been embarrased to go. Thanks and to others don't give up but be careful with bleach and chemicals I wouldn't do those.

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