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Terry K

I had oral surgery on Tuesday to remove partially impacted lower wisdom teeth. They went into dry socket late Thursday. I'm a bit old at 47 to still have had them, but never the less, they finally had to come out from decay over the years and the pain had started weeks ago.

I have all of the narcotic pain relievers and well as ibuprofen, but the clove oil (active ingredient)in the tooth ache kits does the trick.

You can even save a little money (approx. $2) and just buy the clove oil. It's behind the pharmacy counter (if they are out it can be ordered in a day). It comes at 100% where as the tooth ache kits come at 85%.

Just clean the sockets with a syringe or water pik on the LOWEST setting (mix of water and mouthwash), rinse with warm salt water and apply the clove oil with a Q-tip and spit out the excess. I would not reccommend packing with anything as it must be open to heal.

It REALLY stops the dull throbbing excruciating pain. I did everything as instructed, but dry socket still happened.

In my opinion, the only way in the future to avoid dry socket is ONLY eat/drink foods like yogurt with no fruit pieces, soup/broth, drink protein shakes, carrot juice, apple sauce, pudding, basically nothing solid that can dislodge the clot for at least a week. No coughing, spitting, or yawning.

Once the clot becomes dislodged, it apparently doesn't matter what you eat as long as you clean out and rise the socket(s)after EVERY meal. It's the trapped minute food particles that cause infection and ungodly pain.

Best of luck to all of the 'newbies' that read this site and postings.

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I had my wisdom teeth removed on a thrusday. I took the pain meds and ending up getting sick. i think that's how i got my dry socket. By saturday I was in complete agony. Today is sunday and I did some online searching and found that clove oil came up a lot. Red Cross Toothache did the trick. Pain level went from a 10 down to a 2-3. I'm still going to put more on but it provided great relief and I think the OS should tell you to get it after you leave the office. Red Cross Toothache saved me from agony and tears. Can not thank this site enough!


I had a molar pulled last Tuesday. The dentist seemed really good, warning me about dry socket. I did everything I was supposed to, but somehow still got it. I went back to him two days ago and he gave me more narcotics and told me to come back to him today. Last night I was in so much pain I wanted to put my head through a wall. I got on-line, and found several websites claiming the same thing about clove oil. I went out at 3am to Walmart and got the wonderful clove oil. I was finally able to get some sleep. Today I kept my appointment with the dentist. I told him what I did, and hed appeared angry. He prepared a mixture of some kind of medicine and gauze. He put numbing gel on my gums, waited less than a min, and shoved the needle in my gums before I was numb. I endured it. He then told me to let him know when my lips were numb. They never got numb, but my cheek did. (it was only one shot) He then started to push his packing into my socket with one of his instruments. He asked me if it hurt.. I told him a little, but that I was fine. He then took his thumb and shoved the gauze deep into teh socket. I screamed. without a word, he walked out leaving me there with my eyes watering. He then came back in with a script for 6 percasets. Told me to come back Friday and he would take out the packing, wait ten min, and if there was still pain, he would repack it. I walked the 3 blocks home in tears. I tossed the appointment card in the trash. right now the pain is worse than ever, but I am afraid to try to pull out the gauze and apply the clove oil. I take it out when the Ibuprofin takes affect. I told him the percs were useless. the script is shredded in the trash. I wont be going back.


i had two teeth pulled on monday. the
eyetooth was the one that started
hurting really bad. the dentist office
had my husband come by and get a minute
amount of geltous stuff to put in my
tooth. now it is saturday and i am
not any more better...and my gel is
all gone and i have been taking 2 vicodin
every four hours and i still hurt. i still don't know what to do. i tried
to call dentist back on friday but
his office does not work on fridays.
i don't know if i can stand it til


Yea I would agree with you. I also got dry socket on one of my wisdom teeth but once i realized the stiches disolved I noticed food got stuck in my gums. The food that was stuck gave me more pain and bad breath emminating from the socket becasue I got dry socket. I rinsed gently but it didnt take the stuck food out. So i began to rinse vigorisly with very warm water until the pieces of food came out. (rinsing with cold water did not work) I was surpirsed how much junk I had stuck there. It gave me relief when i got the smelly pieces of food out. I also used water and diluted listerene. I went to the dentist and he asked me if I had pain. I told him it was very minimal and an over the counter pill would relieve it. My dentist advised me he thought it was going to be worse and just added some gel to begin heeling. He told me I had dry socket. I reasearched it and it seems everybody that had dry socket had severe pain. So if you just rinse AND MAKE SURE FOOD DOESNT GET STUCK then u would avoid infection/pain. After my wisdom teeth were pulled I was advised i could eat solids after a few days. If I went through it again I would only eat yogurt, non sugar jello, country chix noodle soup (non cunky type), only soups, protein shakes, fruit shakes, banannas, just eat very soft foods, i would avoid any type of meat or bread!!!


So thankful for this site! 3 am dry socket! Walgreen's dentek toothache kit saved me.
Had wisdom tooth out Tuesday - yesterday was at dentist 9am in pain. He packed w/ only clove mix, but it came out w/in 3 hrs.
No solid food for me today...and thanks to all for the wonderful advice!!


THANK YOU ALL!!!! I had a molar pulled Tuesday...Thursday I was in unbelievable pain. Took the perks, antibiotics, & went through 3 tubes of orajel,but no relief. Called oral surgeon Thurs. service said he won't be back until Monday am. OH MY GOD!! By night I was loaded up on drugs and cold packs on the side of my face. I wanted to take my head off it hurt so bad. Friday seemed a little more tolerable but bang on Saturday back to agony. I called the emergency service and the oral surgeon finally called me back. He said keep taking the antibiotics and do more salt/water soaks. 'APPARENTLY HE WASN'T GOING TO GIVE UP HIS WEEKEND' Little did I know I paid him $445.00 to put me in ungodly pain. I went online and found this site. After reading everyones post I ran to the nearest CVS and got the clove oil. I suringed my socket with diluted listerine and started stuffing the gauze filled strips into the socket. INSTANTLY I had relief. The pain subsided, I don't feel like a bad ear ache and I now can deal with the soreness. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! You all should have a PHD.

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