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I have always known I was allergic to poison oak/ivy. Even growing up in a small city, I have had it so bad that it was spread inside my body, through my esophogus. I moved to the mountains and the first year I had it straight for that year,my dogs or cats would pass it off of theie fur. I tried everything and WOW, I got the cure nailed! I take 1000mgs of vitamin C every day, not chewable, faithfully and I do not get it. I do forget to take it,or I am just lazy, so I do get it but I immediatly take the C, once in the morning and once at night for a few days, then back off to 1 a day. Too much C will give you canker sores. This remedy does not help the itch so for that I use listerine.The C makes it go away so much faster,I really hate prednisone, swells you up and all. So if you are taking a trip to the mountains, start the 1000mgs of C every day a week before. Love to know how it works for you.

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