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minus a tooth

I will save you the time of reading all the other entries below mine, they all say the same thing- buy the Red Cross Toothache kid and use the clove oil.


I have a dry socket from a left lower molar extraction last TUESDAY! I read these entries, set down the laptop, drove five minutes to walgreens, and my pain - which was unbearable - is absolutely gone.

Here's the trick, though. Take a ball of gauze NOT COTTON, and soak it in the clove oil using tweezers. THEN squirt some orajel on the gauze and with the tweezers, stick it in the dry socket hole. Cram it in there, I can only tell you that your pain will immediately disappear.

Leave the gauze in until you call your dentist. It will save you hours of agony.

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Terry K

I had oral surgery on Tuesday to remove partially impacted lower wisdom teeth. They went into dry socket late Thursday. I'm a bit old at 47 to still have had them, but never the less, they finally had to come out from decay over the years and the pain had started weeks ago.

I have all of the narcotic pain relievers and well as ibuprofen, but the clove oil (active ingredient)in the tooth ache kits does the trick.

You can even save a little money (approx. $2) and just buy the clove oil. It's behind the pharmacy counter (if they are out it can be ordered in a day). It comes at 100% where as the tooth ache kits come at 85%.

Just clean the sockets with a syringe or water pik on the LOWEST setting (mix of water and mouthwash), rinse with warm salt water and apply the clove oil with a Q-tip and spit out the excess. I would not reccommend packing with anything as it must be open to heal.

It REALLY stops the dull throbbing excruciating pain. I did everything as instructed, but dry socket still happened.

In my opinion, the only way in the future to avoid dry socket is ONLY eat/drink foods like yogurt with no fruit pieces, soup/broth, drink protein shakes, carrot juice, apple sauce, pudding, basically nothing solid that can dislodge the clot for at least a week. No coughing, spitting, or yawning.

Once the clot becomes dislodged, it apparently doesn't matter what you eat as long as you clean out and rise the socket(s)after EVERY meal. It's the trapped minute food particles that cause infection and ungodly pain.

Best of luck to all of the 'newbies' that read this site and postings.


OMG, OMG, OMG, Dry Socket is a b....h!!!!!
Thank God I found this site. Clove Oil is sent from Heaven. Just go get it. Walgreens Red Cross kit works great. I don't know why dentists keeps this a secret. But now the secret is out!!!!!!!!!!

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