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I've only been doing this for about a week but so far it has seemed really successful.
I thought a had warts but I went to the doctor to confirm and sure enough, HPV it was. She gave me a prescription for Aldara but when I went to go get it from the pharmacy the pharmacist told me it was $416.00. I just could not afford that. I'm a student and that is more than my monthly rent in a major city!
But these warts were embarrassing and I couldn't think about anything else (plaguing my brain!) so I came here to look. The most positive remedy was obviously the ACV, but I kept looking. Someone said they had been drinking 5 hour energies and that helped a lot also. Someone recommended taking immunity boosting supplements also. So I went to the drug store armed with the power of the internet and 50 dollars. That was all I had. I went to the supplement/vitamin aisle and looked for Elderberry, Vitamin E and Garlic but only found the Garlic ad E. Then I walked past a 5 hour energy display. Those drinks are composed of high levels of B6 and B12 as well as Folic Acid so I picked up some of the supplements for those too because what did I have to lose.

So here is what I have been doing
At night - Wash the area, soak about 1/4 of a cotton ball in ACV and place it where the warts are. I am a lady with perianal warts so taping it on there was near impossible.

In the Morning - rinse off and wash again, apply vitamin E to the area (I just poked a hole in the liquid supplements with applied it that way)

B6 - 50mg
B12 - 500mcg
Folic Adic - 400mcg
Vitamin E (applied externally but also swallowed) -400IU
Vitamin C - 500mg
Garlic - 1250mg

Every 3 days- VitaminD 2000IU (I do this less often because it makes me a little nauseas due to the high dose. )

It's kind of a pain but the warts are worse. They're not entirely gone yet but they seem to be recessing back into my body, which makes me think that my body is fighting off the virus which is AMAZING. I really think the B vitamins and Folic Acid are helping a lot.

Warning - applying the ACV will be fine initially but it starts to HURT. Apply it at night because 1 - the smell is kind of weird. and 2 - you're not moving around as much there i less friction and the skin around the warts will not get as irritated. But it will sting a little!

Best of luck to everyone

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WOW this is quite the routine! I'm going to do it though! Thanks so much for posting this. Ive been looking EVERYWHERE for natural ways to go about getting rid of this and all I find are stupid adds that take about an hour to read through and end of just being something you have to buy. I just found out a coouple weeks ago that i most likely have warts, ive looked at pictures and i guess mine must just be a more minor case none the less Im pretty upset about it! :(
I have the support of my of my best friends who got them last year. Just seeing the amount of young people who have it (on this website and all over the internet) makes me scared to EVER sleep with anyone again, i guess things always happen for a reason and im trying to figure out what that reason is, and i think it is just to not treat sex like just some activity, its to look at it in a much deeper way and to make sure that i care deeply about the people i choose to do it with (no considering i have to tell them this, Im sure it will weine out the guys who just wanna get laid)
theres my rant but thanks for the routine Im so glad i ran into this sit

remember we must learn to accept ourselves, this is just another stepping stone in life, even though its a right SHITTY one!

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