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I want to thank all the people who took time to submit remedies to this site. I felt a kidney infection beginning a couple of months after I'd been treated with cipro, which left me with multiple digestive problems. After I read the suggestions, I took d-mannose 1 tesp. three times a day, colloidal silver twice a day, and triple strength cranberry capsules with the d-mannose. Today I just returned from the doctor and there is no sign of an infection! This is great news as I have polycystic kidneys and and very prone to infection. I also did cut down on all dairy products and drank lots of water.

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ok so to the people who say drink plenty of water, ive drank plenty of water and it makes the pain worse and I throw up every time i drink, over the past 16 hours Ive thrown up a dozen or more times already. Orange juice, water, whatever. mainly just throwing up water and stomach bile now. Throwing up seems to help.


So would it also mean to cut out the soy milk product? which is my substitute for dairy because I don't do any of the cheese and milk.


That's when you know you have kidney stones, but just an infection..I did the same exact thing, but it was for 2 hours straight puking..then I was rushed to the emergency room and they told me that I did in fact have kidney stones...


If you keep throwing up, you'll become terribly dehydrated! This happened to me and I went to the Care center antibiotics and IV liquids! Scary!


If you keep throwing up, you'll become terribly dehydrated! This happened to me and I went to the Urgent Care center for antibiotics and IV liquids! Scary!


I was so sick my kidneys were inflammed I couldn't sleep on my back, I think it is good to get checked to find out the levels of white blood cells in the urine and get a cultured so at least you know what you got, I went to the medical school they said I had ecoli in the urine my interestingly my MD
said only a three day cultured urine will correctly identifies

Anyhow, I wanted to avoid antibiotic but got presription to be safe

D -mannouse 4 times a day
Colloidal silver 4 times a day
Baking soda in water 4 times day
Apple cider Vinegar 3 times a day
Concentrated cranberry pill and
cranberry juice no sugar

No sugar, no grains, no dairy , no meat since it causes acidity

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