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Veteran of Herpes

Today I tried the Tylenol paste that someone recommended and I have to say 'yee haw'. I was in excrutiating pain with this breakout. I made a paste and applied and it did not burn at all and now the pain is absolutely gone! I have had breakouts for for almost 30 years and wish I had known about this sooner. I have taken Valtrex for years as a suppressant but I still get breakouts every once in a while. Another thing I use is Domeboro which is an aluminum acetate astringent solution. It comes in a box of 12 powder packets for around $15 and you can get it over the counter. Add a little warm water to a juice glass and dip a cotton ball. Then you can apply the cotton ball to the affected area. Discard cotton ball. You can reuse the solution for additional applications throughout the day but always use a new clean cotton ball before dipping in the solution. This works great if you are home for the day or you can apply it before you go to bed.

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How do you make the paste?

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