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If you have nightmares there is most likley a psychological reason for it. I ama student of Jungian psychology and have studied dreams for 18 years and interpret dreams. All dreams offer objective solutions to psychological conflicts. Dreams speak in the language of symbol and metaphor. You can learn more at my website Myths-Dreams-Symbols. This is a totally free website.

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I used to only get NightMares when I fell asleep on my back. Recently I been getting weird, evil, horrible ones no matter which way I sleep. I am not a Psychologist. I am 22. I have been studying dreams for like half my life. I used to keep a dream journal and log my dreams every night b/c I almost always remember them. I never had these NightMares that I couldn't rid of like this. If I had one before, I would just wake up, smoke a cig and lay back down and it would be over but recently, I have been going right back into another NightMare and have been waking up about once an hour or so. It's exhausting with 3 kids and one on the way. Since this deletes htmls, maybe search for me on facebook if you have one if you know anything I can do? Lissy Mastrocesare, Butler PA is what to search for. Thanks.


When i was little i would have dream about getting kidnapped. Now i have a phobia of being kidnapped. I will not walk by myself late at night. I make sure i ddont pass people on the sidewalk.


I'm sorry to bother you but I have been having the same dream with my pregnant wife and my sister talking and having a good time and then her brother comes and the baby is magically there (she is only 15weeks) and the two of them walk away, I trie to chase but something tries to stop me, I can't punch hard enough to get away and I can't run fast enough to catch them. I never see what is trying to stop me and another wired part is the dream is only people, the backdrop and environment are pitch black and dark.... Any help or ideas I will greatly take at this point, nothing else is seeming to help. It has reoccurs a couple nights a week, but on those nights it's the same dream waking me every 20min to 2 hrs... Thank you for your time


I was the last post about my pregnant wife and the reoccurring dream. You can contact me @

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