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Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is what you need for ticks and fleas for both cats and dogs. It is safe and is used in silos as an insecat treatment for food storage. Ive been using it for about a year now on my cats and it works wonders. And if you dont mind the mess on your carpets it will take care of flea infestation also. You will need to let it stay several days since nothing kills fleas in its cocoon and a new hatching occurs every 3 to 5 days. It is safe, just Google it and see for yourself.

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We've used this in our home too and it really does work. You can pick some up at most Health Food stores or Animal Feed stores.
We also had a batch of summer kittens that had fleas pretty bad and since we weren't sure about using the powder as they would inhale it, we washed them with Dawn dish soap - for some reason it suffocates the fleas!!


Doea anyone know is this Dawn Dishwashing Liquid method is really effective? I have PLENTY of that on hand today & one Golden Retriever mix who is miserable & lousy with fleas


I have used Dawn several times on some pretty heavily infested dogs. Problem is, I always had to KEEP using it. I have always heard from different vets and people that you shouldn't bathe a dog more than once or twice a month as it can cause drying of the skin, so I had to give it up. But it really does work.


I have used & still use Diatomaceous Earth. My husband brought home a puppy at 3 o'clock in the morning that was 2 months old that was badly infected. I put it on her coat then later that day I washed her w/ Dawn. Those fleas fell off. It is quite messy, but it is safer then doing a flea bomb. You have to sweep it into your carpets/furniture & wait a few days to vaccum. It does work.


Diatomaceous Earth kills all insects. If you are using powder form be careful that your pet does not inhale the powder (dust) as it is harmful to their lungs (any powder really). I've used diatomaceous earth in my garden as an insecticide. It is harmless to humans (unlike other poisons used to kill insects). It attacks their exoskeleton...leaving them basically hollow.

Lee P Black

Watch out for diatom from pool supply dept. Used as filtering agent. Deadly to all. Only get pet/garden type.


Where can I get diatomaceous earth and does it work on ticks? Do you use in yard and carpets only or can I apply straight onto the dog?


Diatomaceous Earth, can usually be found at feed and seed centers. Buy FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. FOOD GRADE. Call around to your local small business stores.

Mary from Tampa

DE CAN be purchased online from
15$ for 10 lbs 5$ shipping. Food grade amazing stuff!!! Kills all insects!!

Mary from Tampa

Oops Sorry
check out the info on the site for people and animals amazing. Have a friend who tried it for general health and got rid of bad breath she had had for years without any remedy that worked!

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