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when i had REALLY bad acne (and tried all those stupid products) i took so old afashion advice from my hippie mom and put Tooth paste on all my really bad spots (regular mint tooth past)left it on for 30 min then washed it off. it works but may make your skin dry, which it did to mine so i put hot plane oatmeal on my face for 20 min and it naturally hydrates your skin! hope it works loves!

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So, yeah, I'm curently doing this remedy and it burns/tickles, but I'm hoping this works.


Caution to those who may have picked or touch the area a lot. If the skin is already broken, some toothpastes(even plain mint, not sure which brands tho) may cause the skin to become discolored. looks almost the color of a mole. it'll come off eventually, but not any prettier than the pimple that would'veben there for a much shorter amount of time. but if its not broken the toothpast can also reduce the redness in a flash(used it before a formal and worked like a charm!


I used it for the first time last night and it already took some of the redness away. After I wash it off my face is dry so I put aloe vera gel on the spots and it helps.


I tried this..and i already have seen results..i just hope for no brown spots..


Please lets hope for no brown spots.....

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