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i smoke and drink a lot of coffee so my teeth were pretty stained so i used a magic eraser. i just tear off a corner and use that works great everytime. i do this often, about once a month, and when i went to the dentist i asked her if she thought my teeth looked dammaged and she said they looked great so i dont think it will hurt to keep using it. give it a try.

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These dicks who post about cancer are trolling. You're not EATING the damn eraser...just like you wouldn't eat a toothbrush. And to Jenny who commented on America's spelling,I'm assuming you're British and have the stereotypical rotten smile,hence your visit to this page.


magic easers are not bleach


It is not bleach it is Melamine and formaldehyde mixed compound. Formaldehyde is a very toxic chemical used to embalm dead bodies! Rotting away skin from the inside out. When mixed together the formaldehyde toxins are neutralized. Melamine is a natural white crystal. Magic erasers were initially used for insulation like a foam. I personally think it is too risky although very tempting. You do not know what the toxins are from all being mixed together and the fact that there is no companies in the UK using this as a solution is to be questioned with results so amazing. The foam works as a refined sandpaper. It was stated that if any of this touches the gums then you will wear away and rot them. So imagine what this does to your insides. I would hold out and read up online about this for a while before using this as a new found solution. Forget about the enamel people what about the gums that keep your teeth in!!!!


I just read that Magic Erasers have formaldehyde in them!!! Very dangerous!


Not bleach. Just sponge.


Hey just tried that magic eraser on my teeth but I have thought of it but there's a lot of people been doing it it is awesomeMy teeth have never looked better. ;)


The magic eraser WORKS,y'all !!! I swear, I've been using it for years & my dentist thinks I'm a genius, btw. Lol


There is so much misinformation on this message board that it's insane.

The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services ranks these sponges at the lowest level of toxicity on their own scale:

The sponges do not contain formaldehyde as you know it. They contain the chemical compound formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer which is completely different from the embalming formaldehyde.

There has actually been a study on the effectiveness of Melamine on tooth stain removal. It was found to be less abrasive on tooth enamel than standard brushing.

All this took was a few Google searches and 10 minutes of time.


Wonder what that little white pad they use at dentist office to put that gritty stuff on your teeth is made out of ???


It works for me????

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