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i smoke and drink a lot of coffee so my teeth were pretty stained so i used a magic eraser. i just tear off a corner and use that works great everytime. i do this often, about once a month, and when i went to the dentist i asked her if she thought my teeth looked dammaged and she said they looked great so i dont think it will hurt to keep using it. give it a try.

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I tried it but before I could really scrub a dub dub my teeth my gums started to bleed and they still feel tingly several hours later. I'm scared it's going to make my teeth fall out! If it did work for other folks, then they must have been extremely careful to only touch the teeth and not the gums. Try at your own risk, but as for me, I'm going to try something else.


I am typing this with dear concern! please nobody use this method of teeth whitening. The magic eraser is toxic and causes illnesses such as cancer. It may work, but at an extremely high cost. Don't use this please !


WOW! This was a quick fix and exactly what I needed! With potential risks and consequences unknown, this is not something I would consider doing on a regular basis. However, the potentiality of 'right now' results won out over any 'what if later' considerations. Just do a little research and conduct a quick cost/benefit analysis based on your subjective priorities; then you can make the decision to try it or not for yourself. Right now? LOVING IT! (I keep eyeing my teeth in the mirror, and I'm a smoker and heavy soda-pop drinker in sunlight!) Wish I would have thought of it myself . . . Thanks!!!


I left a glowing review, but remembered I'm not bothered by some inconveniences that may be of great concern to others. So here's a warning: If you try this, just make a point to keep a steadier hand than I did. Mine slipped and there was some minor bleeding where I nicked my gums. But, whatever . . . so worth it for the white! (Gum problem is all better now too!)


I am so trying this I have a show choir completion in 21 hours and I hope this works fast!!!!!


If you are going to tr this, please look into NORWEX magic sponges. They are a safe alternative. The others are EXTREMELY toxic!!


Hope this answers the question on the toxicity of the Magic Erasers!


this is so funny i have been doing this for years. I didnt have time to whiten my teeth before a party once
and thought i wonder if a bit of magic eraser would get them really clean and whiten them a bit. it did I always tell people this because i have a lot of smokers in my family they always think its stupid. but i cant tell you how many people say after they tried it to and it took of all the stains on their teeth. I find it is less damaging than any thing else. I do it once a week.


Magic Eraser is totally safe, a previous poster gave the link. It's basically the same idea as a microfiber washbloth, although probably easier to use.

I have horridly stained teeth: coffee, tobacco, red wine, a bit of Tetracycline (which is inside the tooth, so seems not to count).

My husband told me to go get professional whitening, I tried various things on this site that seemed had a reasonable chance of working, and they worked reasonably well. Magic Eraser is quick and cheap, plus can handle stains in between teeth or near the gumline

Don't rub the thing into your gums or use extreme squeaky-noise pressure, just polish lightly with a small piece of moistened Magic Eraser and your finger. When I say 'lightly' I mean about the same pressure as you'd get from your toothbrush,

Stick to the teeth only, don't rub all over your gums. 1-2 minutes is fine.

I'm not saying you'll be blinded by the light, but this worked well.

I know, because I have a repair on my front tooth. It didn't turn whiter with professional whitening. And this didn't change it at all, either.

Before, the repair was invisible, to the point that my dentist didn't see it, even though I told him I had a repair on my front tooth that needed checking. And my husband couldn't tell which tooth it was on. It was a total match for that front tooth and also for the others.

But after Magic Eraser, the repair is the same (dingy) color, while the rest of them are lovely.

( I have a shade chart from a box of toothpaste.. According to that, 8 shades wniter after 1 time)

Seriously, with the repair the contrast is noticeable where it wan't at all before. it's very clear that the Magic Eraser worked better than anything, plus in a short time.

And no one's even THINKING of spending a bunch of money on professional whitening.

Give if a little try. Tear off a small piece to fit around your finger. Avoid abrading the gums. But it's easy to control.

Gently, gently, the same type of pressure as a toothbrush, and adjust it to get into those corners.

Best wishes, all!

3rd year dental student

I'm a dental student so just to let you know that the enamel does not repair itself. Remineralization is not repair. Demineralization is only making existing enamel stronger/harder but it won't replace damaged enamel, for example when you have a cavity. That is why we do fillings.

Now with regards to whether or not melamine foam is recommended I can't say because this is the first I heard about. I personally want to see studies done before I do anything that has a chance to do irreversible damage to my teeth.

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