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i smoke and drink a lot of coffee so my teeth were pretty stained so i used a magic eraser. i just tear off a corner and use that works great everytime. i do this often, about once a month, and when i went to the dentist i asked her if she thought my teeth looked dammaged and she said they looked great so i dont think it will hurt to keep using it. give it a try.

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I tried this out and it didn't make to much of a difference for me. I highly reccomend cleaning out your mouth after you do this. It leaves a strange taste and may possibly be toxic.


No, this does not have bleach! People shouldn't be so negative. My mother works for a dentist office, and I asked my dentist before trying this. DO NOT SWALLOW obviously, rinse your mouth out. & YES any whitening system will wear down your enamel just like a lime, or certain types of alcohol will.


Really? Hydrogen peroxide is poisonous and acidic and you people use it, so yeah, Mr. Clean's not that much worse.

Down under

Hi.. Where can I get the magic eraser pls, hips thanks


Works like a charm!

Zoeys momma

I'm super excited to try this! soon as my daughter wakes up im going to the store.

Zoeys momma

Ps: everything causes cancer now a days...! I'm trying it


somehow I was thinking of home remedies being safer than dental procedures. how far will we go to save a buck? I should have typed in natural safe remedies. Im sure it does work. I was looking for a natural remedy that would be non toxic. If one of my kids put that in their mouth I would call poison control. Please be careful.


even going to the hygentist to whiten your teeth is harmful to you teeth.. ive been studying dentistry for years and this idea doesnt sound as bad.. but i will stick to the baking soda and toothpaste, bushing twice a day and flossing ..


Magic erasers are carcinogenic and have some really awful chemicals in them. Please if you're reading this DO NOT PUT ONE IN YOUR MOUTH! Besides what it may do to your teeth, you'll wind up ingesting some of these chemicals that can be very harmful when they wind up in your bloodstream.

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